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Everything else → Royal Run
my colleague is!

good luck to you
Everything else → Tag someone with an iconic
elite to me

Your ideas → idea: feedback inbox
still hoping they will add this
Your ideas → idea: friends online first
i would looove this. i feel like it's such a no brainer to add, hoping it's already been forwarded to staff

Your ideas → how will gsm celebrate lgbtq
Symmetry wrote:
We will defenitely celebrate this!
right on
Your ideas → IDEA for couples <3
i don't think this would be possible, i think it would encourage using gSm for dating - which would be against the rules

2. You are not allowed to use goSupermodel as a dating platform.
This means that you may not use goSupermodel to find a romantic partner. Dating ads are prohibited.
Your ideas → how will gsm celebrate lgbtq
Soledad wrote:
not all the fgs and smas teasing us

Your ideas → Birthday Calendar / Reminder
this would be so so cute !!

i think, furthermore, it could be extended and gSm could use it as a way to visualise upcoming events and things that would make sense for us users to know about. for example, the upcoming summer tours, the moderator search, religious events, holidays, the release of collections, games - all sorts of things. as well as your friend's birthdays, of course

i know that a lot of visually impaired users have requested staff communicating more visually compared to through text, as it'd be easier to understand

Your ideas → Idea: notifications on topic
Frida wrote:
yes, this has been forwarded.
Creativity → Profile layout designers?
..Red.. wrote:
Awesome! Do you maybe have some example profiles you can show?
well, the one on my own and the one on Cornelia.'s profile, i've made. lilybear is also using a custom one i made for her. there's a link on my profile to the layout magazines i have :)
Everything else → whats your favourite word
fuck <3

idk there's something about it. i love violently expressing my feelings!!!! feels so FUCKING good!!!!
Everything else → succession finale
idk but i'm telling everyone FUCK OFF fuck you fuck fuck fuck all day tomorrow

(this is a joke)
Creativity → Profile layout designers?
Cornelia. wrote:
she makes the best profile layout magazines, i use one of hers on my profile
ahh thank you

i'm working on a new one atm, it will be simple, delicate sunset/sunrise/sky themed layouts
Your ideas → Idea: notifications on topic
i would love this, i think it's a great idea

Your ideas → Dear gsm and staff ♡
i'd like this as well
Your ideas → idea: deleting ur own topics
moderators have commented this a few times before, it's because it would make their job of moderating very hard, since people would be able to just delete their topics = the evidence of them breaking the rules

but i think the idea of being able to delete a topic that hasn't been commented on might be worth discussing, just like we're able to delete a post here, if no one else has commented after
Everything else → i should get a badge!
aw you're a baby
hi alice9
Style, fashion and beauty → YES my designs!!!
AHHHH yes <3<3<3
Everything else → new moderators
matilda :D wrote:
I'm gonna apply and see if I have a chance :) I feel like the role would suit my personality, but I'm also scared and feel like some things could be hard to handle. Do you know if you get some education for the role?
i'm sure there are procedures they have that will ensure you're ready for the role. i remember a staff member saying they give out a long *** document revolving ideal moderator behaviour, morals, principles, rules etc etc
Everything else → new moderators
apply or i get sad