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Everything else → i thought there was smoke in
Everything else → Tell me your last 5 google sea
I don't use Google
Everything else → what gsm user deserves a lil
sofiddi wrote:
You too, miss you
Everything else → truthing you with my voice
Thank you, that was so fun!
Everything else → truthing you with my voice
Everything else → Aromantic Spectrum Awareness
Your ideas → New game on goSupermodel
I would love that
Everything else → interesting discussion
My best discussions are very abstract humor.
Everything else → i feel so sxy
I would fuck myself thb
Everything else → Ask me stuff
Mansplaining wrote:
Ask and i might answer, its a slow night.
Why you're mansplaining?
Help, tips and tutorials → WTH
Same thing happened multiple times, but lol I usually get to lvl 4 only
Everything else → Finnish Presidential Election
Radon wrote:
how so?
I think it's first things they teach. Wikipedia isn't a reliable source. And your sources are marked wrong on the profile according to APA7.
Everything else → Finnish Presidential Election
Radon wrote:
i'd recommend you to use a proper way to express sources. posting a link isn't an attainable way. i like to use apa but any other way is also preferable.
Yeah Wikipedia about Radon isn't a good source either maybe APA your profile
Everything else → stem more like
Like you

Entertainment → finland what are u doing
Virus wrote:
people are out here whining about how well she sings and all and it's like ok............... but yawn i don't want my music competitions to be sleep inducing
Friends and guestbooks → myrtilles friendbook ♡
Your favorite meal: Currently some Mexican inspired foods
One food you cannot stand!: Tbh no idea
A current obsession: MBTI
Favorite music artist: None, but hmm I could still say some and these are only based on lyrics and music vibes, not their personal lifes... Future Palace, NF, Nothing But Thieves
Sweet snacks or salty snacks?: Both
Favorite tv-show: The 100 and Blindspot
One very random fact about you: I'm very bad at thinking random facts about me
Meaning behind your username: It's just something from my internal imagination world, I just vibe with it, but it's hard to put into words

Everything else → who wants a gomail
Entertainment → finland what are u doing
At least it's entertaining. Couldn't handle some emotional outburst song there.
Everything else → HELP, site to send compliments
Everything else → i need a new tv show
The 100
Money Heist
The Recruit
Extraordinary Attorney Woo