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Entertainment → finland in eurovision...
Billy wrote:
Everything else → what is your fav musical?
Everything else → people who drink
mainly for social reasons, having fun with friends and partying
Everything else → Why I love käärijä
Billy wrote:
i love kaarija but he held my friend's hand for a while and I think that's beautiful
I'm so weak omg
Everything else → i love sitsit
sitsit (table parties) were my favorite student events
Everything else → Who gives you good vibes
Billy wrote:
Everything else → Rammstein
Maissiturkki wrote:
May is gonna be my first live show straight into the feuerzone... although I have such horrible jännitys (anxiety?) that I think I'm gonna be sick on the day. I'm not one for big crowds why did I do this to myself xD

already had two dreams in december that I missed the whole concert and then a third one like last week
saturday or sunday? I'm there on sunday
Everything else → Rammstein
waiting for the feuerzone on may
Everything else → best hair removal techniques
a good enough shaver, I started using estrid and got rid of the ingrown hairs and bumps
Everything else → Better Off Alone
oh yes such a banger
Everything else → what's your worst household ch
dishes, otherwise it'd be fine but it takes ages to wash by hand BUT I'm moving soon and there's a dishwasher in the new apartment!!!

so after that, probably taking the trash out
Everything else → Which MOOMIN are you?
Friends and guestbooks → [] are you like Baybee
[x]90's baby
[]Shock colored hair (pink, blue etc.)
[] Originally blond
[] Married
[x] Cats<3
[x] Oldest sibling

[x] Coca Cola
[x] Pizza
[x] With pineapple
[] Great steak/beef
[x] Pasta
[x] Drinks and party!

[x] 90's
[x] Early 2000's pop
[] RnB
[/] Hip Hop
[/] Pop Punk
[x] Electronic
[/] Nightcore

Other stuff
[] Arcade/rhythm games
[x] Gamer
[] Figure collector
[x] Disney Princess movies
[x] Crime and murder tv programs
[x] I own too much clothes
[x] Love these kind of tests

Total: 18,5/28
Everything else → Positivity train + dia gifts ♡
Billy wrote:
Hello stylish queen How are you?
tired but good how are u! I love our pink outfits btw
Everything else → Positivity train + dia gifts ♡
Billy wrote:
Just tagging my cute friend from Finland
Everything else → hi queers
work, dishes, watched some funny videos and then edited my article. now I'll do my laundry and practice something for the dance class tomorrow
Everything else → male friends
they are fun to hang out with but I'm definitely closer with my girl friends
Friends and guestbooks → [] are you like Obbe? <3
(x) born in 1997
() from scandinavia
() ... from denmark
() onlychild
() lives with boyfriend
(x) lives in the city
() studying full time
() ... while having a part-time job bc u have expensive habits $$$
() trying to workout 3-5 times a week

(x) shopping
(x) makeup
(x) sushi
(x) ... asian food in general
(x) pepsi max
(x) summer
(x) reality-shows
(x) chocolate
(x) hot showers
(x) spending time with friends

() children
() teenagers
(x) cooking
(/) loud people
(x) rain
(x) ... and wind
(x) spiders
() lasagne
Everything else → My friends daughter ....
Everything else → what do you fall asleep to
rain ambience