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Everything else → sunscreen for the body
Help, tips and tutorials → Need HELP asap!!!!!!!
Rachel Dee wrote:

he is very spoiled with his toys, but he only likes 2/3. They lie in his dog bed
I think you can buy these toys in the form of a remote. Maybe you can buy one of those?
Relationships and love → Relationship people! Question!
I don't have anything in common with all my bf's friends but 2 or 3. I wish thing were different but honestly I'm fine with it. I don't see them often but when I to it's fine and we have small talk and such.

I don't see it as a big deal because my bf and I already do and have so much together that our seperate friends are something that can just be for us.
Buy, sell and trade → free VIP days
Relationships and love → fetish salad
Neuron wrote:
What does that mean?
Yes I'm confused hahaha
Style, fashion and beauty → Alex styles you!
Yes please, I can really use it
Entertainment → lyrics that hit you hard??????
"She's indecisive, she can't decide" ~Sean Kingston
Buy, sell and trade → LF diamonds
Birdo wrote:
50 sg's for 25 dias
Thanks! I'll send you a trade and the sg's

Here is also a link to my trustforum
Buy, sell and trade → LF diamonds
Everything else → Big thigh girls
I wear bikershorts underneath my dresses
Buy, sell and trade → LF diamonds
I want to buy 25 diamonds with sg's. Please name your prize in this post or my dm's

If you have less to sell that is fine as well
Competitions and games → sketzmo anyone?
Yes, I have game bonus
Competitions and games → One Direction BINGO!!!!
Skydancer wrote:
O no, I was sleeping already haha, but thanks for tagging me
Everything else → gifting everyone in this forum
Good luck!
Everything else → new bunad!!
Oeh it is so pretty!
Buy, sell and trade → should i go to the gym
Yes girl, go get those muscles
Friends and guestbooks → Trustforum Krissi99
Traded sg's for dia's, trade went succesfully
Everything else → Straight girls
Not straight but in a relationship with a man, does that count?
Awnser is no :)
Buy, sell and trade → I need 25sgs
I am Am looking for dia but gm is fine too, what do you offer?
Competitions and games → Dia gift from your wl
That is so sweet! I really hope to get some dia items, I have 0 atm