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Style, fashion and beauty → S>Gopack Items (With IS!)
i could do is dia+gm for cotton candy
Buy, sell and trade → S: gopack
okayy how about

headset: 1k + 10dias
jacket: 1,1k + 12dias
Buy, sell and trade → S: gopack
Nana48 wrote:
Look 2:


hb: 17 dias
IS: 30 dias or 1,5k

SOLD for 4k and another pair for 3k + 40 dias

SOLD for 1,1k + 12 dias

headphones/that hair piece
SOLD for 1,5k + 40 dias

SOLD for 55 dias
headphone + jacket 2k +22 dias?
Everything else → just lost it at zara
you know its not gsm right
Buy, sell and trade → Sellout till 100gM
number 4 or 5 for dias and number 10?
Buy, sell and trade → so now i have 70k ????????
oh damn maybe i should sell mine
Everything else → there's 2 kinds of gsm people
1 except for the gocode forum lol
Everything else → i'm about to EXPLODE
some ppl just love to treat service workers like sht
Everything else → finnish gsm closed 7 yrs ago
wow we are old huh
Everything else → whats something u eat everyday
Everything else → WHAT is THAT?
Creativity → i can barely breath
Everything else → Tits
damn i clicked so fast..
Everything else → what was your first social med
i honestly dont remember anything before gsm
Everything else → suddenly i got very scared of
Zarye wrote:
I have actually thought about this too
It really bothers me a lot that people can read these forums without logging in
oh damn i didnt know that?? kinda weird
Everything else → does your skull also tingle
my body short-circuits everytime someone massages my head with those weird wire things but i guess thats the closest to love ive ever felt then skdhsks
Everything else → suddenly i got very scared of
lmao imagine your future employer doing a background check and finding your posts on gosupermodel dot com
Everything else → ok fuck it
this is not the equality we want
Competitions and games → copy the look
ahh this was so hard i have almost none of those clothes
Relationships and love → the cringiest thing ur ex did
all im learning from this forum is that men are disgusting, which, wbk but at least i feel better about my singledom now