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disappointed but not surprised ♡ i'm a bit inactive rn, sorry if i answer msgs slowly!
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Everything else → Mornings
i'm currently defrosting the fridge so i can properly clean it. then i'm going to clean the bathroom, take the trash out and maybe organize some stuff!

and if i still have energy after all of this i'm gonna do some laundry!
Everything else → what r yall snacking on tnight
just ate a piece of my birthday cake
Everything else → my bf rates ur outfit
Everything else → everyone pls gaslight
forcing someone to go out is awful, let others do whatever they want to
Everything else → someone
Hiiri wrote:
maybe he should skip u
Everything else → All you do is complain
erykah wrote:
have u not understood how the forums work yet?
probably not if you say so
maybe try using your energy to something else than complaing about what other people do
Everything else → All you do is complain
i love how people complain about people complaining
just why
From goSupermodel team → VIP outfit

Everything else → milk before cereal
DariusMortee wrote:
cereal then milk im not a monster
definitely this
Everything else → who ELSE
Style, fashion and beauty → Rate the outfit
Everything else → Pepsi Max VS. Cola Zero
pepsi max
Buy, sell and trade → Rate NEW collection????

Everything else → do you think drinking alcohol
Buy, sell and trade → Sending U a trade ‼️
Everything else → do you actually
Everything else → Who is gonna apply for Focus
maybe, it would be interesting but i'm waiting for more info about it before i decide if i try to apply!
Everything else → do you vote..
i do

but i don't rant for people who doesn't. i think politics should be more clear and easier to understand for everyone. many people don't vote, because they don't understand specifics about politics and that's why they might get frustrated and decide to not vote.
Everything else → PISCES babiesSSSS
march 4th!
Your ideas → get rid of the fee in dia
they should just delete the fee since the gospecials model with auctions probably will get a lot of the gm earned with wc cheating programs away

so i really don't see a point on keeping the fee in the auctions anymore. i personally don't use auctions anymore because of the fee lol