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Everything else → rude
Everything else → hogwarts house
Everything else → Forever21 truths you!!
Friends and guestbooks → esteriina's friendbook ♡
model name: quin
country: finland
favorite color: blue
hobbies: gym, hiking, writing
favorite food: risotto and all soups
dream job: marketing
your favorite animal: red panda
your favorite thing to do on gsm: forum, creating new looks
do you remember where we met: no
leave a message to me (optional): i love ur profile
Friends and guestbooks → Send 1 of the 3 models
Friends and guestbooks → Send 1 of the 3 models
Everything else → NEW GOPACK
Entertainment → Ludovico Einaudi - any fans?
he made that one song for the book thief??? love it
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Style, fashion and beauty → Style me for 500 gM <3
Style, fashion and beauty → do i like your outfit?
Everything else → gSm help me find her pls!!
She wrote:
Yes! 12 december, the day of launch!
ahhh u could have gone to your browsing history and looked through the gsm profiles you had visited that day but i remembered that chrome deletes browsing history after 90 days
Everything else → backstage rush???
i think we still have to wait 1-2 weeks cause there's focus group before backstage rush and they haven't announced that yet
Everything else → games that made u CRY cry!
the ending of little hope!!
Competitions and games → What dogbreed is the person ab
Everything else → gSm help me find her pls!!
do u remember the exact day they gave it to u?
Style, fashion and beauty → Monday look
Everything else → new gopack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Style, fashion and beauty → Best outfit of the 3 above
Everything else → love is blind
ive never watched love is blind but now i want to because i wanna know what's up with micah and ririna that everyone is talking about??