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Everything else → Deleting or staying?
Buy, sell and trade → (S) goMarketeer skirt
Friends and guestbooks → i need friends
beccis wrote:
ive got over 280 empty friend spots, im desperate

so lets chat, what are your plans today??
i love ur outfit
Everything else → lets not speculate
Everything else → whos next
irma vep wrote:
Everything else → Thank you guys ♡
Everything else → how many unopened mails do u
Everything else → i need 60 more profile views
Yelena wrote:
then i have 6666 profile views
GOALS but also watch it become 6667 before u notice
Everything else → gsm newspost predictions
Sylphrena wrote:
This is my debut, gSm should pay me for this ngl
Watch them copy paste ur poem and not give credit
Everything else → gsm newspost predictions
Sylphrena wrote:
i love u
AWWW write me a poem pls uwu
Everything else → gsm newspost predictions
Sylphrena wrote:
*pulls out ukulele*
Y'all are toxic but we hear you still
We already took accountability
But just to make you happy we will sing you a song
gSm is all good and you just gotta calm down
And buy our new goPack with resigned JD designs
It's only 99,99
We are already so diverse, did you not see the hijabs?
They didn't stay in shop cause it's no longer Ramadan
You're all just upset because our old employee
Just calm down goModels can't you see
We're all white girls anyways, let's just keep it cool
I got makeup here for you, your criticism's just cruel
Since you're just an angry Twitter mob anyways
I'll sell out to Musk, it's coming any day

With love,
I love it
Everything else → Appreciaton post ♡
Everything else → New staff tomorrow
Everything else → Soda drinkers in Norway
xDragefrukt wrote:
Everything else → Do you remember Anth?
Friends and guestbooks → It's our Birthday!
happy birthday!
Everything else → how to not hate urself
pizza and Pepsi max
Everything else → Soda drinkers in Norway
xDragefrukt wrote:
yesss, will start to collect them <3

just please remind me once in a while that it was you who wanted them, if not im gonna be like "who was it that wanted these?" yes im forgetful
ill just send mine to you then
Everything else → Thank God I only gave €4
im too scared to count how much I spent
Everything else → Your Good Morning Reminder
Ruiyo wrote:
1. Don't carve in in what ever they push out during the weekend! the CEO and Management team isn't Deserving our Money!

2. Still, don't Doxx or Pull someone's Children in, their skills as Parents are not for us to comment on - We are better than that!

3. the Next person calling me cute will be bonked with the torch im holding >:(

4. I badly wanna wear the frog hat.. its so cute :( but i cant be naky and wear froggy hat..

5. Dont forgett to charge your toys

6. Selflove is important.. so go do it
and wear the frog hat AND ur cute