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Style, fashion and beauty → your new collection look
Everything else → do people actively chance
I have only changed it once on my bday but after that I changed it back
Everything else → When did u start using TikTok?
Never gonna use it
Everything else → MyAnimeList
yeah I really need to keep track of everything since I watch a lot of anime, seen 389 so far

heres my list:

Everything else → whats ur shoe size
Entertainment → Anime is embarrassing
I went to school with a hentai shirt on
From goSupermodel team → Win the GoMila outfit
Just gonna be at home gaming
Style, fashion and beauty → official best dressed list <3
Planetary wrote:
Loving your outfit as always
Everything else → Do you take cold showers?
Sometimes during the summer
Everything else → hxh fans
I love chrollo
Everything else → pizza is disgusting
I dont really care about pizza, its mid
Style, fashion and beauty → who has the best outfit rn?
I like my fit atm
Style, fashion and beauty → Would you wear your models
yes absolutely
From goSupermodel team → Dress-up competition
Everything else → What did you want to be when
Everything else → Do Finnish people not
Never been abroad but next month ill go to florida, so I guess ill see if theres any finns there
From goSupermodel team → Win a fabulous dress
I think you like painting and photography
Everything else → long distance girlies
im from finland and he is from florida

u can bring out all the florida man memes now
Competitions and games → Easter competition♡ win 20k(2)
Everything else → Your favorite disney character