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Everything else → Who would u push off a cliff
saving ukkometso, sorry sharlota :/
Everything else → I hope France will win
Chaima wrote:
Cause Messi needs to be humbled
lmaooo i don't watch football but this made me laugh, thnx
Everything else → Finns and friends #48
do you guys know if there are places in helsinki area where I can take my cat to meet other cats kind of like a koirapuisto but for cats ? i want my cat to have friends :p
Everything else → Finns and friends #48
-damdam wrote:
Yeah with all this nausia, puking, bleeding, hard to sleep, all the icks and pain it has not been so nice.. but when she started kicking i got the feeling like ''oh shes there'' and all the sadness and everything negative went away!

Thanks for the pod! i will listen to it!! i have had hard time to listen pods cause there always is the moms who are like ''everything is great and happy and rainbows and unicorns'' :d
That sounds so rough :( But it's good that you have your man to support you!! Tsempppiä for the rest of ur journey!
Everything else → Finns and friends #48
ouch! wrote:
weeelll there are ppl who move to finland to study

but i just found mine on valorant and hes moving here for me in the spring so im not the person to ask for advice from LOL
nice, make them move where u are
Everything else → Finns and friends #48
Ririmi wrote:
does anyone else ever have this craving to just like...... make cake batter or cookie dough and eat it raw
because i have that RIGHT NOW
i just did that two days ago :D no shame just do it, but don't eat too much bc my maha started hurting
Everything else → Finns and friends #48
ouch! wrote:
YEAH.... ill be honest thats one reason why i just havent dated finns in a while LOL
where do u find ppl who don't speak finnish in finland, i feel like it's so hard but could be because of which city i live. heh
Everything else → Finns and friends #48
-damdam wrote:
I was in the hospital couple weeks ago and i got diagnosed a ilness that makes me hug the toilet hole pregnancy :( BUT it's okay it's woth it and my bf is so amazing and always by my side and holding my hair hahaha
oh that sucks :( hope ypur pregnancy will otherwise be a good experience and the birth process too!! there is a podcast mammanutturat and they have one episode where they talk about the pregnancy process and giving birth and one of the hosts had quite a difficult time, if you wanna listen or are interested at all :)
Everything else → confession
Me and my friend killed bugs, then buried them and held a funeral for them... yea
Everything else → confession
when I was younger I made my mom a mother's day present (it was filled with candy) and then she got mad at me before mother's day and then I was sad and ate all the candy in it... then when it was mother's day I pretended like idk where the present went and have felt guilty about it my whole life and still haven't told her the truth... :/
Everything else → finns and friends #58
turkinpippuri wrote:
i really want to go to some festival, ive actually never been to one in my adult years, only concerts. but idk theyre all so expensive and dont really have artists i listen to... maybe tuska or rockfest would be for my taste
oooOoo! that's actually the opposite for me then! I've never been to a concert, but really want to experience it
Everything else → finns and friends #58
Vantaa wrote:
have to go to ruissi because Ana tude's last concert
u know what i kind of wanna see pinkpantheress and lil nas x... hmm
Everything else → finns and friends #58
Vantaa wrote:
what are u doing on New Years eve
I'm packing bc I move on 1.1., maybe cry a lil
Everything else → finns and friends #58
Are you guys going to any festivals in the summer? I'm going to flow and I can't waitttt to see 070 shake and fka twigs :3
Everything else → finns and friends #58
do you mean mehukatti???? they had sport bottle kind of juice

here's pic of it
I don't remember it being mehukatti it was like 80 cents back in the day and had a picture of a bunny.. actually i think it was like a dupe or like the cheaper version of that HAHAHA
Everything else → finns and friends #58
Does anyone remember those pear and strawberry drinks from sale or those small grocery stores with the bunny on it?? IT WAS SO GOOD AND THE BOTTLE WAS LIKE A SPORTS BOTTLE mm yummu yummy
Help, tips and tutorials → Favorite Cosmetic Products
the urban decay glitter liners <3 Been using them since 2017
Everything else → I have gotten old...
You kind of look like my psychology teacher, she slayed!
Entertainment → Hottest Shrek Character?
the cat in boots aahhhh *they censored the p word*
Everything else → hes a 10 but...
Elysiae wrote:

he's a 10 but is openly bi

he's a 10 but he doesn't know what memes are