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Everything else → how will u spend valentine's
Apparently going on a date :D
Everything else → Omg the birthday gift is so
Happy Birthday
Everything else → i wanna truth you
Everything else → Free gifts
Very sweet of you
Entertainment → Sex and the City <3
I love it
Everything else → for finnish independence day
Wait, what gocode gives stuff? I need the first gocode
Everything else → Finland106
What gocode this is? and why I can't find it?
Everything else → Is Tiktok a red flag?
My fyp is full of cats and f1, so I think it's def green flag
Everything else → Finns are still complaining
katara3 wrote:
Honestly, I just want our flag. 6 months is a pretty long wait and summer is full of opportunities to give it to us like 6.7 which is Eino Leino's Day or 9.8 which is Tove Jansson's and Finnish art day. Juhannus or Midsummer would also work as it's an official day to raise our flag.
My thoughts exactly!
Everything else → Finns are still complaining
lavenderr wrote:
Yeah I wish people would understand the significance of Vappu in finnish culture, I don't care about not getting a gocode but I'm not happy about people saying that vappu doesn't matter and stuff like that, respect our culture and our ways with vappu thank you
Competitions and games → smash or pass the model above
Competitions and games → FREE gifts <3
One of the best people I know, Loving and generous soul and always listens to you if you need to talk

Beautiful and funny bestie

Everything else → i just cut ties with
Good for you!
It's always hard when you have to do it, but it will get better!
Everything else → It's my Birthday!!! :D :P
Happy Birthday!
Competitions and games → Bored gifting
That is very sweet of you :)
Friends and guestbooks → tag someone with a good vibe

Everything else → i am openly begging
Send you some!
Everything else → What is Kärijää saying in his
He said: Hello finnish people and I would like to send thank you for supporting me and I want to say sorry for talking a lot about winning, I didn't win this time. I feel sad(It's not directly the word sad, but I don't find better translation to it now) of course but the game is the game. Better one won and life goes on. Thank you everyone.

That is what he basically said.
Everything else → i heard Cha Cha for the first
Vote for Cha Cha Chaaaaaa!
Entertainment → eurovision: who will you vote
Probably Norway