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Everything else → omg stop always apologizing
alright i'm sorry
Help, tips and tutorials → belly button piercing?
Morssal wrote:
fuuuu i heal pretty quickly in the sense of injuries, but thats a curse for piercings if that makes sense i have a helix and that mf still hasnt healed and it's been nearly 2 years
i feel you, i have a 1,5 year old industrial but that mf does not want to heal because I keep accidentally and not so accidentally sleeping on it
Help, tips and tutorials → belly button piercing?
idk about it being halal or anything but i got it twice and it grew out both times, can't recommend jkjk if you want it, go get it. The pain depends on your own pain tolerance, but just remember that it only hurts for a tiny moment. I don't even remember how it felt at all anymore
Style, fashion and beauty → Make a look in COLOURS
i mostly just wear black so this is all i got
Everything else → whats ur lockscreen
a shark bc i love sharks
Everything else → it is time (not clickbait)
beat the shit out of that hay
Everything else → whats the worst music genre
Spectre wrote:
am i allowed to say t swift
that is not a genre
Everything else → whats the worst music genre
mumble rap
Everything else → how often do you suck
GIGA CHAD wrote:
but we are all so curious!
for the low price of one million i will reveal my secrets
Everything else → how often do you suck
i'm gonna let that remain a mystery
Everything else → boing
Formidable wrote:
whoop, aha

also happy birthday<3
Everything else → boing
Everything else → shower pee ppl?
i truly do not

i also don't think it has time to turn into steam considering it is not boiling as it comes out
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the model above 69.0 idk
8, cute
Everything else → hottest model

Doctor X
Everything else → chipi chipi
dubi dubi
Everything else → what do you cook
i really like cooking but i sometimes make like 5 litres of soup and eat it for like 4 days for lunch and dinner
Everything else → how is it being americn
idk seems to make them pretty self centered
Style, fashion and beauty → this hair combo
mud wrote:
im vipless i cannot wear anymore items so the tits are out
gotta let the girls breathe
Relationships and love → please hear my anxious vent
well i'd imagine getting intimate with someone who you used to have strong feelings for might make some kind of feelings resurface and that's okay.

but that doesn't mean those feeling will stay there. It's just normal to be reminded of the good things in a moment like this even if at the current moment you don't necessarily have those true feelings for them anymore