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Everything else → whats ur fav human body part
I would say eyes It's so fascinating to look at them as everyone have different and how the colors change in different lighting and and how you can see their personality, feelings and so on in them!
Everything else → Coffee and morningchat!
BambiMD wrote:
Only that I need to shower, like in a moment and then a coffeedate at my friends place, since we're taking over their house when they move later this year
Go go goooo to the shower That sounds nice!
Everything else → Coffee and morningchat!
Got my coffee
Soo do you have any plans for today? I need to study as I have medical exam on Wednesday and couple assignments to be return.. I just want to relax and it's hard as I'm so hyped xD I got a new kitten yesterday and she had a blast playtime at the night, keeping me awake which I don't mind as it was heartwarming to see her going like that
Everything else → Coffee and morningchat!
Good morning! That said I should go and brew some coffee
Everything else → Calling in sick
I know it's hard to not feel guilty, but you shouldn't feel like that! Your health is more important and you need to rest! You can do your work so much better after healing than doing it sick
Buy, sell and trade → Help me :(((
Everything else → hello
It's gloomy here, but my little Mirai (kitten) has been fetch and she and my friend are driving now towards my hometown ;_;
Entertainment → Onions
Red onion
Everything else → Come here.
Entertainment → If a bit more than half
Sent some sg's on the way
Everything else → i cook eggs in my waterboiler
Interesting need to try someday
Everything else → i wish it was illegal to eat
ronsutin wrote:
i eat meat but i have those days too
^ same heree
Everything else → Free tarot readings
Would love to know! I'm getting new kitten today and I'm wondering how the new future with her included in my family would look like!
Everything else → i've done
Am about to fucking breakdown as my brother's car 'suddenly' doesn't work as we should soon leave to get my new cat and I don't know what to do
Everything else → best city in finland
Lol Hanko if you wanna go for small 'city'
Maybe Lappeenranta or Jyväskylä
Everything else → I might be stupid.
Haze wrote:
I didn’t think it could get any worse, but at some point it did. This is hilarious
Thinking this
Everything else → something negative you’ve been
to me, it's my belly Everytime I meet up with doctors they point it out and I need to meet them up pretty regularly. Other than that, my height is another one I'm the smallest one in our family and my 4 big brothers are so talll aslkfföafjaföfj
Everything else → how tidy/clean should it be
Arista wrote:
My expectations for when people visit me are much higher than when I visit people.

When I get visitors I like it to be pretty tidy and clean. I will often spend half an hour - a few hours cleaning and tidying up, depending on how bad it is.

When I visit people, I don't mind if it is messy, as long as it is somewhat clean.
I'm like this too
Everything else → Where do you keep your face
Left top corner or right bottom corner
Everything else → If ur name starts with letterK