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WHY it let me get to level 3 and i did not get my reward???? This thing has happened way too often. That i get to level 2-3 when i first open the game, and when i lose i get nothing????

I got that on video today too, because it happens almost every damn time
Help, tips and tutorials → LS + out of stock??
last chance? it was deleted from everywhere on here
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 52 SG
Style, fashion and beauty → can i style you?
Yes you can, if you have few outfit ideas i'll buy them if i like them
Buy, sell and trade → (S) GoPack Hairs
Famas wrote:
i don’t have an IS for that one yet
Alright. I'm pulling away my offer for the first one.
Buy, sell and trade → (S) GoPack Hairs
what is you IS for the first one?
Buy, sell and trade → (S) GoPack Hairs
2k for the first one
Buy, sell and trade → LF the earrings
Starseed wrote:
Send a trade pls
Buy, sell and trade → LF the earrings
you can have mine for 10gm
Everything else → absent fathers
Wednesdayy wrote:
what the f
I would really like to know wtf is wrong with men/fathers.
Everything else → absent fathers
My dad said that my sisters death was my moms fault, because my mom teached my sister to make men angry
Buy, sell and trade → Swimsuit!
Everything else → why did the one mermaid
Siimoonee wrote:
the full body suite I'm wearing(without the makeup and extra hairs) you might be able to see it for the dots but idk
is it also removed from everyones wardrobe?
Everything else → why did the one mermaid
Everything else → What colour
wood? wooden brown? idk
Everything else → i hate being in a low level
play games
Everything else → "Painfree" numbing cream?
i used it on one of my thigh tattoo, didn't notice any difference
Everything else → gsm icks
When you auction something for cheap and then they try to auction it for a lot more
Or when you have something in auctions and people try to buy it outright in dms, even though it is wayyyy less on auction that its worth
Everything else → anyone who can buy me the merm
Buy, sell and trade → Night owl Gocode