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Buy, sell and trade → LF gopack bangs
i was summoned to help

help !

Friends and guestbooks → Goodbye from Erdbeerkatze.
Erdbeerkatze. wrote:
Wow, who would've thought. Where even to start?

As some of you might know, my life has been everything but easy in the past months and sadly I noticed that gSm does a lot, but not help me to get better. What is happening here affects me in a way that it shouldn't. I was really trying my best to stay away from any 'drama' or talking, but there's too much negativity going on here that I personally can't take any longer.

This is why I have decided to quit gSm, at least for now. I am mentally not prepared to fully delete my model, so my golden flower will change my password for me so that I can't log in.
I'm currently looking for a therapist, so things might get better in the future, but who knows.

To my friends, please know that I really love and appreciate every single one of you. You have been the straw that kept me going with gSm, but now it's time to focus on myself I guess. Thank you for being there for me in every situation, no matter if it was listening to me, reaching out to me or just helping me with anything, thank you so so so so much for all of this. I wouldn't be anything without you guys.

If there's anything that I can do for you within the remaining two days, please hit me up anytime.

Love you lots,
i love u so so so much, please look after yourself and always contact me on discord or instagram for anything !!! even outside gsm related stuff, like just to talk and catch up <3

you're such a precious human being angel face and you don't deserve all this negativity, I really hope you can find the help you need and deserve to feel better xxx

all the love x

Buy, sell and trade → (LF)Mommy that borrow me money
Destroya wrote:
LMFAOEIEJWSK u just had to see this

Edit: this was from a few days ago bb
oH lol im about to leave for work and didnt look on the date hahahahahaahha
Buy, sell and trade → (LF)Mommy that borrow me money
Destroya wrote:
GIRL IM................ THE AUDACITY

know when to stop i BEG

ure so iconic for tagging me

ALSO how tf can people create forums if theyre in TO ??????
that has to be a joke
Buy, sell and trade → auctions and wishlist checks
Alima wrote:
feel free to check my wl
hiya love, ive got those xx
lmk if u have any bids <3
Buy, sell and trade → auctions and wishlist checks
Yooa wrote:
Can you check my wishlist?
i actually have already from ur forum and nothing im selling :(xx
Everything else → I was expecting more of GSM...
plasticbeach wrote:
honestly I'd offer to help but I need to prioritize both work and uni :'))
aw of course !! literally not your job and nothing you should feel obligated to do <3
Everything else → l WANT
girlbossiest wrote:
an archive collection with old rares pleeeaaaaasseeee its all im askin
but nice ones and not the tacky ones we keep gettin :(

just go through ppls wl's gsm ! lol
Buy, sell and trade → 1k for your VIP
mmhhh 15 days ?
Everything else → I was expecting more of GSM...
plasticbeach wrote:
I'm a (partial) dev and have quite some knowledge regarding making games / web building - but there is no way this cannot be fixed by a skilled dev within 2 weeks. Realistically these games are very very easy - and don't take a lot of time to make, especially if you take into consideration the 90K, the gopacks sold, AND the money made from VIP.

Lets say this is all around 300k (thats still on the low end) that is a LOT of money to put assets back, and not make new games, or solid improvements to the website and keep it not fully functional this long.

** Ive seen my friend make games like this (both web hosted and client based) within a day. I'm not saying everyone has the same skillset, but a lot of time has passed without improvement on the website / updates.
also thinking that naddi does all those things by herself, regularly updates the better gsm extension and doesnt get paid.....
Help, tips and tutorials → is this hair locked?
serafina15 wrote:
thank you! i was considering bidding on them but if its not locked i will just wait for it to come back
ngl im genuinely wondering how long they leave until really wanted rare items that arent locked come back.... mh
Everything else → am i a reverse racist
Mickey Mouse wrote:
also wasn't there a comp for Sweden (i dont remember which county) and everybody could participate but ppl from there were more likely to win

maybe it's good to let everybody participate to share their story and for the exposure (more users see it and can engage) but let the prizes primarily go to black people
i dont remember this tbf but yeah would be nice !
Help, tips and tutorials → is this hair locked?
dont think so ! :)
Buy, sell and trade → auctions and wishlist checks
Everything else → am i a reverse racist
ngl i think its absolutely fair they do a comp where only black people can participate, after they did the whole mean girls campaign where only people from denmark and maybe somewhere else could win the actual good price, which was those (premiere?) tickets for watching mean girls......
Everything else → I was expecting more of GSM...
Ardent wrote:
they could probably be 100% transparent if they WANTED but even their job listing for most recent team lead search just says "salary competitive" instead of actual numbers

they do NOT want us to know SHIT
i might be mistaken but maybe different countries have different laws on this ???
idk if im making this up though.... it could be a clause in contracts as well i think but this is all very half arsed assumptions so dont take my word for it.

Ngl it defo doesnt feel like any major changes have happened to properly benefit the userbase and gameplay, i honestly think thats the reason theres sooooo much drama and we thrive on it..... theres NOTHING to do and people see gsm as an escape from irl lol
Everything else → I was expecting more of GSM...
Cringe wrote:
yeah I also don‘t get why there r constantly volunteer curated gopacks
yeah those are the ones i mean mainly!

snowfields just said godesigners get paid money,
which i didnt clock actually but is nice at least !!

but i guess the point stands :(
Everything else → I was expecting more of GSM...
Snowfields wrote:
The goDesigners get paid real money.
ahh okay ! thats a nice development at least :)
Everything else → I was expecting more of GSM...
AtherisHispida wrote:
Just waiting for them to announce a new roadmap
LOL i cANNOT deal with those roadmaps anymore hahahahaha
Everything else → I was expecting more of GSM...
Cringe wrote:
it does seem excessive
rightttt !! and all the gopacks made by people that i think still arent on gsm's payroll??

so you're making money off of free labour.... STILL ?

(i might be wrong with this)