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Everything else → I'm so fucked
don't stress too much about it.. everyone should understand this is totally out of your control.. Hope you feel better soon <3
Everything else → becoming a flight attendant..
Im thinking about becoming a flight attendant because im still in my early 20s and have no idea what to do with my life yet.. anyone who has experience with this? yay or nay?
Everything else → (CW: Car accident) i almost died yesterday
FlufflePuff wrote:
yeah for sure! I bet they both never wanted to harm anyone, but in this age it can happen so extremly fast.

Im glad that you are all right!!

Are you afraid now to drive with the car, or is there everthing good? o:
I think im not afraid to drive a car, but i havent done it since yesterday so im not sure.. I know i should get back to it asap because if i avoid it now it's only going to get a bigger thing. My sister however has always been very scared in traffic because she has had a serious accident with a big truck when she was younger so she is very traumatised now , which upsets me a lot.
Everything else → (CW: Car accident) i almost died yesterday
FlufflePuff wrote:
i love older people, but they should be re-examined once they reach a certain age.
The time i was with the fire fighters it was sooo often the case, that when there was an accident, it was caused by an older person. :/
YES ikr! its just too dangerous.. I do feel bad for them because they were in complete shock en were taken to the hospital just to be sure and check them out. .I hope they are 100% okay though.. Its a big shock for them as well..
Everything else → (CW: Car accident) i almost died yesterday
me and my sister got in a car crash yesterday.. an eldery couple ignored their red light and drove in on us with high speed.. our car and their car are completely wrecked but luckily no one got seriously injured... its just so crazy how fast something like that can happen, it literally happened in 2 seconds.

I feel very grateful right now that i am still alive... most of all that my sister is okay..

Be extra careful guys, life could be over before you know it.. and be safe in traffic!!
Everything else → i love peppernuts
offmalibu wrote:
Everything else → i love peppernuts
whats your fav flavour?

mine is salted caramel peppernuts
Everything else → Do you smoke?
i vape sadly
Everything else → pls who wants to trade some gm
i only have diamonds and i need to buy the collection before its gone

send me any trade request..
Everything else → hangxiety
regretting all life decisions
Buy, sell and trade → Lemme check your WL
Everything else → lipfiller
thanks yall
Everything else → lipfiller
soooo i am actually really thinking about getting lipfiller.. i am super confident about my face and even my lips, but i just feel like lipfiller would really suit my face. Like, i just want to get like a little bit so it's absolutely not overdone. The only thing is i come from a really small town with judgmental people , so idk.. i dont want to be judged so im def going to do it and not tell anyone, but im still kinda scared people will notice and i also do not want to lie about it... anyone who has experience with lipfiller and did you tell anyone?
Everything else → guys what is going on?????
Awe wrote:
something bad happened
but when was this, i had no idea
Everything else → guys what is going on?????
Sterria wrote:
A lot of forum history was lost because of a bug
Everything else → guys what is going on?????
why can i only see some of my forum posts from the past.. i can only see up to 3 pages when it should be so much more
Everything else → punctuation left the chat
Molle wrote:
its cringe to use punctuation
lmaoo this is me, same with using caps
Everything else → why am i always tired
its probably all of the above
Everything else → why am i always tired
this is a serious question
Everything else → gsm is no fun without diamonds
but i cant afford them..