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Everything else → What song are you listening to
Alcest - La Nuit Marche Avec Moi
Winter Corner → Show your new space looks here
Everything else → Bored? 50+1 random questions

1. What’s your favourite month?: august
2. ^ Why?: still warm, but the nights are darker (here in Finland)
3. Favourite holiday?: christmas - being lazy at home
4. Favourite fruit?: mango
5. Favourite boardgame?: carcassone
6. Describe your favourite person in three words: kind, caring, fair
7. For how long has your current favourite colour been your favourite colour?: few years


8. What’s your zodiac sign?: capricorn
9. Do you believe in aliens (any life anywhere else but Earth)?: not sure
10. What was the last movie you saw?: don't rememeber - i prefer series
11. First fictional character that comes to mind?: yubaba
12. Do you like or dislike said character?: neither
13. Do you have a straight, wavy or curly hair?: straight - wavy
14. Do you have Spotify Premium?: no
15. What phone do you have?: iphone
16. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?: no
17. Can you touch your toes?: yes
18. Do you have any posters in your room/home?: yes, in frames
19. If yes, what are the posters mostly about?: art and bands
20. How would you solve the Trolley Problem ( I don't know - i'm loud so maybe I would just yell


21. When was the last time you ordered takeaway?: some months ago
22. Do you wear glasses/contacts?: i have glasses, but i rarely wear them
23. Morning or evening showers?: evening on workdays, morning on weekend
24. Are you more sporty or artistic?:artistic
25. Do you sleep with stuffed animals, and if yes, how many?: yes, at the moment with one supercute teddy
26. What time do you usually go to sleep?: about eleven p.m.
27. Do you wear jewellery?: usually at least earrings
28. What social media do you use the most?: insta


29. Do you like orange (colour)?: yes
30. Do you like oranges (fruit)?: yes
31. Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?: coffee
32. Hedgehogs or turtles?: both
33. Cows or horses?: both
34. Giraffes or rhinos?: both
35. Sun, moon, or stars?: stars
What song reminds you of…
36. … autumn?: axel thesleff - pouring down
37. … winter?: dj shadow -midnight in the perfect world
38. … spring?: neon bunny - forest of skyscrapers
39. … summer?: orville peck - kalahari down
40. Do you like snow?: yes


41. Have you ever made a magazine on gsm (relaunch)?: in old gsm yes
42. How many unopened messages do you have on your gsm inbox?: none
43. What colour are most of the clothes on your gsm wardrobe?: black
44. Favourite gsm emoji?:
45. Least favourite gsm emoji?:
46. Do you write on your goBlog?: no
47. How often do you change your model’s look?: daily - weekly - it depends
48. How many friends online?: maybe none
49. On a scale of 1-10 how much effort have you put on what your profile looks like?: 1
50. Forums or fmb?: forums
51. Choose a number between 1-10 and if you choose correctly I’ll give you a sg : 8
Style, fashion and beauty → What do you like most on your
these multiple sleeves
Everything else → I lost my best friend today❤️
I'm so sorry for your lost