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Everything else → how r u not mentally ill
Faerie wrote:
i need a thesis on why neurodivergent ppl are better at taking jokes
fr? it's funny cuz i feel like me and neurotypical ppl have a different view on what's jokes and what's not it's like we are totally opposite

just a lil observation
Everything else → how r u not mentally ill
i don't think they exist
Everything else → friday face reveal!!
elity wrote:
was it ever confirmed tho? i saw so many forums about it but never any like evidence?
yup hmmm

if it's true tho drop the names lmao
Everything else → friday face reveal!!
Victoria wrote:
Very but now I'm too scared lmao
i understand.. i can't believe grown people would actually do that in their free time tho
Everything else → friday face reveal!!
Victoria wrote:
I don't want to post in these after I saw that people laugh at us on Discord
that's so lame tho

and weird behaviour
Everything else → friday face reveal!!
elity wrote:
and you're one of them
no U wtf a baddie
Everything else → friday face reveal!!

so many hot ppl
Everything else → What are the small things that
Keijukoiso wrote:
Not having an uti at the moment

probably sleep and food
Everything else → most boring sign
who voted aqua?

but libra probably
Everything else → cutest funniest hottest zodiac
aquarius obviously
Everything else → oversharing...................
i don't cope. that's the problem.
Your ideas → Neurodivergent collections
For autistic people this is problematic, as they don’t wish to be viewed as akin to a puzzle that can’t be worked out.
yeah that's rlly f ucked up

i don't even know why they would accept that, sounds like the most neurotypical description of autism ever
Your ideas → Neurodivergent collections
Kiki wrote:
I am ND as well but I find it hard to picture, what do you have in mind?
this, is it gonna be like a shirt that says adhd? :D i like the idea tho
Everything else → im so disgusted by that discor

grown people? damn
Everything else → stop being so offended
depends, some opinions are better kept to yourself. it's just human decency, i'm talking abt ''opinions'' that are just mean and aren't even expressed bcuz u are interested in discussing u just wanna be an 4ss.
Everything else → WHAT ERA are u on rn
the same era i've always been in, which 3xistential dread
Everything else → i am into toxic men
Xaine wrote:
im not Know your worth!
this, sadly it's not even worth it
Buy, sell and trade → SELLING 108 sg's!
Everything else → Squid game vs alice in borderl

they're not even comparable tbh
Everything else → i want to quit my job
hmm idk what to say cuz i just quit and then i regret it lmao