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Everything else → gsm is too
People are not ready for that
Everything else → Formula 1 babes come here
Tangled wrote:
What do you all think about Perez? Should he make place for someone else?

Honestly Lawson deserves a spot in F1 but hm
He is going to announce his retirement this weekend. Daniel is going to replace him.

edit: Max broke him mentally. He is done for and there isn't really a place for him rn regardless of the sponsorship he brings.

edit2: If I were RB I would let him drive in the 2nd Williams seat. Get some experience and then maybe immediately promote him to RB once Daniel officially retires. Yuki is going to AM with Honda and so is Iwasa (not going to AM but is tied to Honda and therefore will not drive for AT/RB in the near future).
Everything else → Formula 1 babes come here
Tangled wrote:
Rookie piastri is doing an amazing job this season
Yess, he definitely is the best rookie since Albon/Lando/George, but that is not hard looking at the drivers we had the last years lol. I am excited about his future, but also scared people are hyping him up rn and then he gets torn to shreds when he his 3+ years in f1. He still has a lot to learn
Everything else → Formula 1 babes come here
Janx01 wrote:
Is there any F1-fans in here?
I'd love to discuss F1 related stuff in this thread so please ask questions, talk about your favorite team or just bump <3

Soo to kick off this thread, do you think that Lando will get his first podium as no. 1 this season?
Lando will not win this season
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) Purple Items
you can check my auctions or wardrobe, selling almost everything and have IS prices
Everything else → where is that winx girl
Tbf totally spies is a bit easier
Everything else → Share your designs!!! now!!!
so many nice items
Everything else → sims 4 help
emmys wrote:
that's what i did, the folders in the pic on my desktop are the faulty ones, but i have many mods inside them
ohhh sorry I thought you had subfolders inside of it

umm then I would just move them back in in chunks.
Everything else → sims 4 help
just remove everything and then add each folder at once and start your game until the game won't start
Buy, sell and trade → Worth of LIMITED lily dress
Firebolt wrote:
5k is definitely too much

I’d also say 1-2k max
I sold the dress twice for 5k on auction literally a few days ago
Buy, sell and trade → Worth of LIMITED lily dress
Dellia wrote:
Omg really?!?
this one right?
Buy, sell and trade → Worth of LIMITED lily dress
around 5k
Buy, sell and trade → LF Gemstone Shoes
I have them
Everything else → social media break
I had a 7 day phone break. I was playing a who's the mole game, but it was amazing being without a phone
Style, fashion and beauty → Does anyone have an epilator
Buy, sell and trade → AUCTION above ✩ 17
Everything else → how are we?
a little bored
Competitions and games → Ace week comp
Buy, sell and trade → is my wl that rare? :(
I have these:

let me know your offer
Buy, sell and trade → sellll meeee my WL pleaasee
got the triptych skirt, mayu socks and petrikor boots