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Relationships and love → Are you a "FAMILY PERSON"?
TheWeepingAngel wrote:
I don't blame you, when I read "despise" I can only imagine the depths to what you've experienced. I think that knowing yourself enough to know what you want out of life is powerful. Also sending you strength too, and i appreciate you for sharing that.
Everything else → lactose intolerant people help
there are a lot of vegan protein powders out there
Relationships and love → Are you a "FAMILY PERSON"?
never been one, most likely never will be one, because my family is just too broken and i despise a lot of them. and i also don't want children, so that is out of the picture.
i also really hate interacting with the families of people i date
Everything else → autism and misunderstandings
shy guy wrote:
That could be a part of it.
As a AFAB person, with possible autism, i also read it as him just calling her a pretty blonde.
So i'm not fully sure, but i'm sure my friend doesn't have autism, and she was so confused on the matter while i was 90% sure he meant to just call her a pretty blonde.
i honestly would have stumbled over these words as well as a neurotypical person. there are just certain things attached to certain words / word combinations, and the "pretty blonde = dumb" combination is a very obvious one, don't you think?

but i also personally wouldn't like being "reduced" to my hair colour lol
Everything else → the funniest thing happened
megamestari wrote:
'cause we're friends i guess
but why would you want to be friends with them?
i have ever been repulsed by anything as much as i am by my exes lol
even if we ended things on good terms
Everything else → the funniest thing happened
why do people call their exes?
genuine question
Everything else → Depression is paused
SolarFlare wrote:
Black Friday is around the corner keep your eyes open and grab whatever you can
i'm about to shave a bunch of it off, so i don't think it's worth it :D
but thx
Everything else → Depression is paused
SolarFlare wrote:
A bunch of olaplex products for the best hair day ever
can you do my hair too pls
Everything else → do you
Everything else → Depression is paused
what's in it
Everything else → Relatable topic
same here except i can't stand my family
Everything else → tell me
Erdbeerkatze. wrote:
then i'll stay the stinky lazy bish i am
sometimes that's the better version of ourselves
Everything else → tell me
what if you don't
Everything else → autism and misunderstandings
Lavvi wrote:
but how do you know if its flirting or just being nice?
i thought ive never been flirted with at all but my friend gave me the eye and told me that there is no way i wouldve realized it if they were. so i dont navigate anything im blind i dont have real life flirting skills i just ask questions and do things like idk one time i flirted and touched their arm i feel like that was pretty flirty. but now that im writing it i think its not as flirty as it is in my head.

aHHH ok righright! i was p good at that before i was well taught? ok i think i was but lets be honest, i probs wouldnt know if i wasnt so like... yea. its more like, when i have to, i overlisten/watch to find everything and end up exhausted when the interraction is done. its like being on tippy toes following everything, and then having to match with my own body language haha.
hahaha well that's a whole nother topic, because i'm gay and with women or n/b folks i find it a lil harder to tell as well haha
but when a guy tries so flirt with me i find it soooo obvious all the time lol but that's probably because i can't stand them and am weirded out by any of their tries by now haha
and i am also convinced that i can almost all of the times tell if someone likes me just by the way they look at me. i can just read it in their eyes somehow, i can't even explain what it is exactly that i see, sorry :D

i feel like it isn't really something you can learn, it is more of a natural instinct i guess? that's why it usually isn't exhausting for us.
Everything else → autism and misunderstandings
Lavvi wrote:
aaa why dont you all say to each other "hi lets slow down the hidden messages", or is there some joy in it?? like a puzzle maybe?
im a huge fan of PSA with people about things i know get on neurotypicals nerves so they also have an open space to voice if theres something they dislike and i feel like the world would be easier for everyone to navigate if that wasnt a thing.
but this is also coming from someone w autism who dont get it so lmao

in a lot of situations there is sooo much joy in it! especially when flirting hahah so much cuter to be "mysterious" lol
btw how do you navigate flirting (if you seek romantic/sexual partners and don't mind answering that question)?

also i am not sure it's really possible to slow down the hidden messages haha i feel like it is very human to communicate in many different ways, so those "hidden messages" might be very clear to a neurotypical person because they can also read other "clues" like facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice etc (not to say autistic peeps can't do that at all, but i does seem to be harder, right?). but honestly there are so many neurotypicals who also can't read any of those signs lol or they don't care
Everything else → i just made the most wonderful
megamestari wrote:
it's for the weak anyways
Everything else → i just made the most wonderful
no sleep tonight for you
Everything else → have u got it
i wish i had someone's something in me, if that's what you mean
Everything else → autism and misunderstandings
Lavvi wrote:
hmm im bad at giving examples on the top of my head. im really trying the few times lately isnt something i feel like sharing
but i can put what i usually tell people when i get close to them, one of the main things is that i dont always understand the hidden meanings and to please say things straight out. then they have hidden meanings(maybe they dont even mean to) and dont let me know if i didnt follow and see it? then get upset because i didnt get it.

and me saying "hey i might come with own experiences when youre talking about something, its to let you know i understand you. if you dont like this please tell me so i can work around it when its about you/remember and do my best" and then they get upset about it, but hold it in until they get really mad about it? all the passive agressiveness is also a huge thing i HATE cause i dont understand why always, i just understand that its something there.
ofc that one ive chosen to close my eyes to, if ur upset about something use ur adult words.

but for what to look out for is honestly just the words. and please, if you think theres something behind something, or ur wondering if u understood correct, just ask!! i love when people doublecheck if they understood it makes me feel so heard? that might just be my experience tho.
no worries about the examples!
like you said, i think a lot of the times people don't even mean to hide what they actually feel. i think it's just how we have been socialized in order to be nice. it is seen as rude to just say things directly, which sometimes is absolutely necessary, but other times it's making things a lot harder, even between neurotypicals themselves lol

i will try to do it that way :)
Everything else → autism and misunderstandings
Destroya wrote:
well first of all, autistic people tend to be really honest (some even to the point it's rude, which I sadly linger on sometimes). so if someone is asking me something like.. if I wanna go out to dinner with them or something, and I tell them no because I'm tired, neurotypical people tend to go more like ''it has something to do with me'' or ''she doesn't like the restaurant I was talking about'' or whatever?? when, if it had something to do with THEM I would've said that and if it had something to do with the restaurant I would have said that cuz I'm brutally honest!! and the misunderstandings that come from this, because our answers are sometimes short but honest, is really exhausting
i see, thanks!
well i would consider myself a very honest person, so i personally mostly tell the truth as it is as well. but i have definitely given answers like "i'm tired" or "i have other plans that night" because i didn't want to hurt the other person. if i just told them "i don't like you" or "you breath stinks and i don't want to sit close to you" i know that would be too rude lol