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Everything else → Mint chocolate
Yes yes and yes
Winter Corner → Welcome to the Winter Corner
I cannot wait _
Winter Corner → Who wants a gift
Always u seem cool
Competitions and games → [FG] Battle vest competition
I have to go sleeping so wishing good luck to me and others, so exiting!! ♥
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Buy, sell and trade → selling dias
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In, sent 4 supergreetings ♥
Competitions and games → [FG] Battle vest competition
I made a Billie Eilish vest because well.. the spotfy picture tells everything so I wanted to include it next to the vest. She was the #1 in this year. ♥

• The vest has a green color because Billie is known for the color.
• California vibes because she is from there.
Creativity → 16 unique lay-outs christmas/w
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) Gray vest from collection
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do u wanna sell your black birkin to me now
Entertainment → METAL Spotify Match?

FFDP, Three Days Grace, Disturbed ♥
Entertainment → spotify match ♡ win dias
Entertainment → Spotify match
Club forum: Public → My Ring was stolen 2.0
nothing :(
Everything else → gonna go smoke a joi
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