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Everything else → Good morning besties
Good morning! Started a new job yesterday, so going to work And then visiting my dad in the evening
Everything else → I’m gonna meet with Lush
Hope u have a good time!
Winter Corner → Spending €24 without knowing
I kinda wanna do it but also it's pixels..
Everything else → Your Black Friday purchases?
bought a lip kit and some tights i've been waiting to get restocked. also chocolate and a christmas gift for my brother.
Everything else → ❗ goCode scam ❗
Buy, sell and trade → I WILL style you
oh yes pls!

Go nuts, I'd love some styling.
Style, fashion and beauty → Rate the model above 6.0 <3
I think it's really cute. very woodland fairy. 8/10
Buy, sell and trade → Wednesday shoes
Friends and guestbooks → okay I'm looking for friends
you sound nice hope you find many wonderful friends
Everything else → How many profile views do
SkylarSunset wrote:
497, 3 away from 100
will look
Everything else → How many profile views do
erh 290 I think
Everything else → salsa vs. guacamole
guacamole is correct
Everything else → which scandinavian country has
Yeah today is J-Dag (J-Day) in Denmark which is basically a national holiday devoted to the annual release day of a christmas spiced beer...
The entire country loses its shit over this and most (young) people who go out and parties tonight get absolutely hammered.
This happens every year and it's honestly ridiculous.
Everything else → how is Denmark
Yeah I think you'd like Denmark :)
Everything else → your fave christmas song...
Probably Coldplay's Christmas Lights or Happy Xmas (War is Over)
Competitions and games → SG og GIFT
Competitions and games → What animal is the model above
Deerantlers wrote:
great black hawk
Competitions and games → What animal is the model above
Friends and guestbooks → random friend appreciation
Farya wrote:
Ohhh this is the cutest thing ever thank youuuuu
Buy, sell and trade → ♥♥♥(s) vip & dias ♥♥♥