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Competitions and games → the best outfit of 3 above
Aahh I'm in love with yours Dilara

Style, fashion and beauty → >>I"ll style you for a sg<<
Do whatever you want!
Everything else → My 2 friends rate your fit!!!!
Entertainment → just rewatched twilight
Hold on tight spider monkey
Friends and guestbooks → F1 friends
Vroom vroom

Everything else → If changing my look 5 times
Competitions and games → Truthing your fits
yea hit me! you should see the pinky one, not the black lmao
Everything else → who wants a tarot card reading
go be famous girly

relationship please
Creativity → Looking for great looks ⭐️
iconic looks this one

Elowyn de Vries
Everything else → dislike babies..
I always liked babies, mainly because I could give them back when they started crying lmao
now I've goy my own 7 week old and I never want him to leave my arms
Everything else → Dutch people
hiding on the couch with a blanket!
Everything else → HELP - new haircut
ooo hello gorgeous!

I've got no idea because I'm boring with my hair too lmao
Everything else → tag a friend who is offline

Buy, sell and trade → * Wishlist check *
Everything else → You are pregnant
lose my shit since I just gave birth 7 weeks ago lmao
Friends and guestbooks → The gSm Birthday Calendar
March 26th!
Everything else → hey sweetiepies
Everything else → i'm truthing you in voice
Yes hello
Buy, sell and trade → Sending WL trades ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ੈ✩
Buy, sell and trade → Checking your WL! ૮꒰˵• ﻌ •˵꒱ა