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Everything else → Celebrity death you arent over
error wrote:
i was gonna say that i dont think ill ever get over it… she was so young and full of love
Everything else → gopack corona mask
they look like something a LOT worse than corona masks (not saying masks are bad btw yada yada yada)
Everything else → current hyperfixation?
langevrouw wrote:
real housewives of beverly hills, plants, painting
OMG SAME!!!! What season are you one ive literally consumed almost nothing else for the past weeks …
Everything else → gsm is back
nani wrote:

when i told my best friend (who was also on gsm back in the day) that gosupermodel is back, she went "oh that's so cool! i also have something to tell you" and then she told me she's pregnant that was so funny bc my big news was this hellsite being back and her big news was that she's literally creating a new life .......... she's in a different era than me fr

anyway how is everyone doing
this is insane to me like… being pregnant is my worst nightmare… like its so scary….
Everything else → NAKED PROTEST!!! join pt 2
Liesz wrote:
it took longer than a minute so i created a new one!!!

Are you desperately in need of a new collection? Show Rori how much we need it by undressing ourselves!!!

Can't let your players walk around naked and cold because there are no new clothes to keep them warm right

for legal reasons: this is all for FUN!!!

we're staying naked till at least tomorrow or until the new collection drops!!
im in!!
Everything else → de-gatekeep
gender wrote:
and i should also get into snow strippers theyre performing in my city this month !
omg i was also at their berlin show they're THE BEST performer!! i also met them after the show and they even remembered me from the last time i saw them live
Everything else → de-gatekeep
gender wrote:
mine is

raed rees & babynymph - tesla *** LMAO forgot cant say a plural and then ex
taahliah - fall into place
smoke - caroline polachek
anyone who hasn't listened to caroline polacheks latest album... WHAT ARE YOU DOING ! RUN !
Everything else → de-gatekeep
HYD (PC music affiliated if u like caroline polachek/sophie/ag cook) youll love their music
daine does rly fun electronic emo hyperpop esque stuff
hatchie has amaaaazing shoe gazey pop rock stuff thats just INCREDIBLE
if ur into shoegaze youll love parannouls newest album "after the magic"
faye wong does amazing dreampop, id recommend listening to ECO PACK
also snow strippers are really good havent listened that much to them but planning to get into them more.. idk how i'd describe the genre but yeah lol
Everything else → y'all wanna see my wife
thats actually so funny because thats my mother
Entertainment → how do people still believe
Facts it was horrifying seeing the whole world jump onto the misogynistic hate train.....
From goSupermodel team → 3 random facts
Camzilla wrote:
1. ive changed the subject of my studies 3 times
2. my favourite actress is mia goth
3. i am obsessed with pop culture and gossip
From goSupermodel team → A look using only 1 colour
looooove different shades of purple <3
Entertainment → Must see movies?
newish: dancer in the dark, the favourite, suspiria, pans labyrinth, drive, eyes wide shut, annihilation, titane
Entertainment → unpopular opinion incoming
i feel like its harder to find ppl who like her snsdfbjsdfhbsdfn
Entertainment → This is the most ICONIC intro
need to get into madonna.. which album should i start? i was thinking ray of light..
Entertainment → underrated songs/artists?
HYD, ethel cain, isabella lovestory .. they're out there doing things nobodys doing and they deserve all the flowers

also charli xcx i mean she is successful but its time the mainstream starts to appreciate her because she IS pop music like....
Entertainment → miley's best song
nani wrote:
the fact that she was 22 when she made dead petz............ hello???
i ALWAYS forget how young she was back then !!! i mean she still is but now that im that age im so shocked
Entertainment → Someone just said: Selena Gome
if anyone's looking for a comprehensive timeline of the mess that this relationship/love triangle has been... have fun going down the rabbithole!

its so insane actually
Entertainment → miley's best song
omg so hard.............. but................

i'm gonna say............................. something off of dead petz, my fav album......... space bootz probably................

Buy, sell and trade → selling 78 SG's for gomoney