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Everything else → I love the new gocode
I'll go home
Everything else → I ordered clothes in my sleep?
LMAOOOO that's amazing
Competitions and games → Giving away free gomoney
don't want any money but just wanna say goodbye :( take care!!
Entertainment → What book are you reading rn
tibetan book of living and dying
Style, fashion and beauty → everyone looks so cool :c
Finding a makeup look that's sick and using it every single time LOL
Buy, sell and trade → (S) tryptich boots
Everything else → who here applied for mod
free labor? LOL
Buy, sell and trade → LF brown petrikor eyes
chereb wrote:
wait fr???
i didn't know they added eyes to shop drops
It was in the same drop as this pretty makeup:

I pair them all the time hehe
Buy, sell and trade → LF brown petrikor eyes
Valeriee. wrote:
where is it from?
shop drop, I think we should have dark brown eyes permanently in store though idk why we don't
Buy, sell and trade → LF brown petrikor eyes
Everything else → Thinking about doing lipfiller
pro tip: think about lip lift as well, it's more invasive and expensive but it's permanent and doesn't create potential duck lips fillers scare me a bit, they never really dissolve
Buy, sell and trade → (S) FULL BFF outfit
dress 3k
Everything else → Lying about having a sickness
mentally ill?
Buy, sell and trade → (s) vip days
yay thank you
Buy, sell and trade → (s) vip days
I'll buy 100 then I'll send trade
Buy, sell and trade → (s) vip days
How many do you have left?
Buy, sell and trade → 50 VIPS days for sale
Everything else → (TW) do you condemn hamas
The question and condemnation of Hamas is important to the future of Palestine, as it's unlikely to serve as a stable democratic government if there will ever be a 2 state or 1 state solution
Help, tips and tutorials → got logged out while playin WC
that happened to me before :(
Everything else → im getting my gsm addiction
I lost my addiction