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Everything else → Did kanye

but that incident may have made more people aware of her. like people that wasn't into her genre of music at that time probably looked her up
Everything else → sos why am I stupid
idek what half of that means
Everything else → everyone makes mistakes!
I didn't know that we are sisters ??
Everything else → i forgot how
and it's so hard to navigate and find particular items in wb
Everything else → dear people
it'd be pretty hard (since she's dead)
Everything else → i'll truth you bc
Everything else → bf applied for a job
have you been to that city? I feel like visiting a place before moving helps a lot
Everything else → I don't want to apply for jobs
yes and what if you get it, start working and then they start to regret that they chose you because you're not good enough?
Everything else → ew men
can men just not ?
Everything else → Attention!
representing all the women
Friends and guestbooks → What the heck
I will be crocheting for a bit now, just to help me get some bad/sad thoughts out of my head
Everything else → Ppl with siblings
mostly our drinks tbh

just line them up and looking at them closely. But whenever one glass had a bit more my older sister took it
Help, tips and tutorials → help me lvl up
minsquuu wrote:
yay! congrats on 24
Help, tips and tutorials → help me lvl up
sent you a trade from my alt
Help, tips and tutorials → help me lvl up
sent some
Everything else → Why are you awake?
because I'm sad and if I lay in my empty bed I'm just gonna start crying again
Help, tips and tutorials → wc cap reset??????
Everything else → What parasite are you?
Acanthamoeba keratitis
Buy, sell and trade → (IS) GP panda 1.2K
it's so cute