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But I don't sleep enough without you, and I can't eat enough without you
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Everything else → How much make up do u wear?
I used to do a full face so 10, but scaled down to like, 3 I think
Creativity → JD designs - Friet met Crisis
SO talented, look

Everything else → No mods
Changalang wrote:
Nono... I think... Im eating my morning yoghurt anyway
Enjoy your yoghurt, and my name is acutally Lisa
Everything else → No mods
Changalang wrote:
............. O
I hope I didn't ruin the little party you had going on here....
Everything else → No mods
Everything else → Gosuperfairy
Everything else → this is your sign
Needed this, THANK YOU
Everything else → Dear Mods
Ruiyo wrote:
Well.. i wait for my picture to be accepted
.... I laughed when I saw it
Everything else → @Mods
I loooove to see all the beautiful desigsn, so many talented people here!
Style, fashion and beauty → Style me!?
Your ideas → literally gsm get on this
I'll forward it to staff, and NOT just because I also want the hair in blonde
Buy, sell and trade → SELL THE Hair WHITE!!!
Wanna trade for my black one
Everything else → why the fuck did my sim
you better run to cas...
Everything else → Fairyss come here
Everything else → Would you buy gsm merch
Everything else → cola vs pepsi
team coca cola
Creativity → ಠ3ಠ My JD entry ಠ3ಠ
LOVE them!!
Everything else → which foods are overrated
Everything else → whats ur fav dutch song?
RAD wrote:
fouradi 1 ding
Everything else → Good morning my noodles