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Entertainment → Spotify Wrapped: what are you?
Everything else → its raining again
This last few weeks in the netherlands have been nothing but rain im going to cry I have to go to class today
Everything else → how to move to utrecht
probleem wrote:
come here in groningen
groningen = the best city
Everything else → How much do you pay in rent?
Around 550 euros for 30m2 but a shared shower/toilet

oh and including electricity etc
Everything else → do u wear a helmet when u bike
cece9 wrote:
tf is that supposed to mean
Us dutch people bike EVERYWHERE and nobody wears a helmet lmao
Everything else → Can you blow my whistle, baby
everything for you, josh hutcherson <3
Everything else → do u wear a helmet when u bike
No im dutch
Everything else → where can you buy helmets
Yes and preferably ones that protect against life being hard
Everything else → im gonna be a bully
I was about to comment on it and it was locked HAHA
Everything else → finally shoes that fits!!
omg do you also have tips for nice helmets <3
Everything else → I'm not hungry
I LOVE cottage cheese I should buy it tomorrow
Everything else → if the shoe fits
AAAAAAaaaa yes true
Everything else → Remember y’all !
I still can’t believe someone actually said this please
Everything else → my plans for tonight
Sounds amazing tbh
Everything else → best advice I've every gotten
Truer words have never been spoken
Everything else → It saddens me so much
Whopper wrote:
someone watches candice owens i guess.. another red flag
Like was it necessary wtf
Everything else → It saddens me so much
DeAngelis wrote:
“Life’s tough, get a helmet” are you being fr right now
Everything else → whats the best book youve ever
xMoonlightx wrote:
Recommend a fantasy novel with romantic elements too plsss

I'm begging
Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries!!!! my fave
Everything else → is it time to say goodbye
error wrote:
I’ll wear crop tops w high waisted bottoms forever I cant tame my inner millennial
Everything else → whats the best book youve ever
Cringe wrote:
thank u it was in my cart im gonna order it
DO ITTTT I wish I could read it for the first time again