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Style, fashion and beauty → Show me your Käärijä outfits
Friends and guestbooks → (x) I bet ur nothing like me??
About me:
(turning 23 this year) 23 years old
(x) from Finland
(x) live on my own
() not in school, no job
() have cats
(x) in a relationship
() lgbtq+
() a total loner like no friends
() alternative style
() severely mentally ill lol
(x) fluent in english
() allergic to almost every animal
() neurodivergent
() a vegetarian

() bands bands bands
(x) makeup
(x) being at home
() horror movies/stories/shows
() having my TV on in the background all day every day
(x) cleaning/being organized and hygienic
(x) ridiculous tiktoks/memes

() big crowds and gatherings
() math
() potatoes
() apples
(x) doing the dishes
() going outside usually
(x) spiders
(x) wasps and bees

Foods I like:
(x) most types of beans
(x) cheese
(x) salads
(x) chocolate
(x) nachos
(x) fish
(x) tortillas/tacos

TV shows/movies:
() stranger things
() the haunting of hill house & bly manor
() once upon a time
() IT I & II
() atypical
() shreks education
() insidious
() legion
() the umbrella academy
Everything else → confessing
beccis wrote:
i hope everything turns out well for both of you! one day six months ago my bf's dad was taken from his home, life has been really tough for my bf's family since then
Friends and guestbooks → (x) Twinsies?
(x) Finnish
() In mid twenties (24-26)
(x) In a relationship
() Student
() Social studies
() More specifically early childhood education
() December baby
() Sagittarius
(x) 100% dog people
() But loves cats too
() Does not own any pets
() But would love to own a dog
(x) Not allergic to anything
(x) But has hot girl stomach problems over anything
() Favorite color is pink
() Short (under 160cm)
(x) Has tattoos
(x) And would love some more

() Shy when first met
(x) But doesn't shut up after getting to know
() Avoid conflicts
() Not very confident
(x) Overthinker
(x) Procrastinator
() Cries easily
(x) Bad at making decisions
() Tries to consider everyone's feelings before makes decisions
() "Too nice" sometimes

(x) Watching tv shows and movies
() Listening audio books
() Reads sometimes actual books too
(x) Has a gym membership
() But hates going alone
() So goes maybe couple times a month
() Fitness dance lessons when someone comes along
() Loves videogames
() Ps4
() Mostly adventurous games like tomb raider, uncharted, the last of us etc.
() DBD
() Fall guys
() Among us
() Although hates lying
(x) Obsessed with TikTok
(x) Loves travelling
() Collects DVD's

() Taylor Swift
() Sabrina Carpenter
() Zara Larsson
() Selena Gomez
() Talia Marr
() Halsey
() Sofia Carson
() Olivia Rodrigo
() Loves naming spotify playlists (e.g. "main character energy" or "when in need for a good cry")
() Loves music from musicals

() Goes to movie theater at least couple times a month
() Marvel
(x) The Vampire Diaries
(x) Brooklyn 99
() The Summer I Turned Pretty
() Heartstopper
() Young Royals
() Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World
(x) Gossip Girl
() Wednesday
() All Robert Pattinson movies
() All Dylan O'Brien movies and shows
Style, fashion and beauty → worst dressed on gsm
good: the shirt is nice
bad: everything else is horrible imo
Style, fashion and beauty → worst dressed on gsm
good: it goes well together
bad: not a fan of the goth vibes :/
Competitions and games → What would you steal??
the fireworks!
Competitions and games → What would you steal??
The coat!
Everything else → [x] Animated Disney movies!
[] Home on the Range
[x] Chicken Little
[x] Dinosaur
[] The Rescuers
[] The Black Cauldron
[] Atlantis: The Lost Empire
[x] The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
[] The Sword in the Stone
[x] Winnie the Pooh
[x] The Aristocats
[x] Oliver & Company
[x] Brother Bear
[x] Pocahontas
[] The Rescuers Down Under
[] The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
[] Raya and the Last Dragon
[x] Alice in Wonderland
[x] Dumbo
[x] Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
[x] Bambi
[x] Bolt
[] Frozen II
[x] One Hundred and One Dalmatians
[] Robin Hood
[x] Frozen
[] Ralph Breaks the Internet
[x] Hercules
[x] Peter Pan
[] Big Hero 6
[x] Pinocchio
[x] Cinderella
[] Meet the Robinsons
[] The Great Mouse Detective
[x] Sleeping Beauty
[x] Lady and the Tramp
[x] Lilo & Stitch
[x] The Jungle Book
[] The Fox and the Hound
[x] The Little Mermaid
[x] The Princess and the Frog
[] Treasure Planet
[x] Tarzan
[x] Mulan
[] The Emperor's New Groove
[] Zootopia
[x] Tangled
[] Moana
[] Encanto
[x] The Hunchback of Notre Dame
[] Wreck-It Ralph
[x] Aladdin
[x] The Lion King
[x] Beauty and the Beast
Friends and guestbooks → Are you bored (x) ?
() norwegian
(1) 22
(2) dirty blonde
() eyes are mixed color, blue/green and yellow in the middle
() 173 cm
() gemini
() freckles
(3) no tatas
() from a small town

I like
(4) sushi
() burgers
() pizza
() fanta
(5) chocolate
() chips without dip
() christmas soda
(6) dogs
(7) make up
() board games
(8) binge watching series
() reading
() going to bar/club with friends
() dancing
() singing (alone)
(9) long drives
(10) christmas

I'm afraid of
() spiders
() heights
(11) snakes
() the gym
() rejection

(12) extrovert
(13) watch the same series over and over again
(14) prefer few close friends over many not-so-close
() clumsy
() not good at small talk
() always say something stupid
(15) like to go deep with conversations, much more interesting
(16) talks all the time
(17) lost a lot of friends over the years
(18) honest
() struggle with silence
() don’t have a big social battery
() ^is still out every weekend
(19) could easily get a child right now
() gonna work with children someday
() single
(20) has a dog
(21) live alone
() has a crush
() was a directioner back in the day
(22) love summer, but I also love autum

Series I liked
(23) game of thrones
(24) gossip girl
(25) the vampire diaries
() teen wolf
() house of the dragon
() the OC
(26) friends
() euphoria
() one three hill
() how I met your mother
() 13 reasons why
() you
(27) pretty little liars

Everything else → birth charts analysis
libra sun
gemini moon
scorpio rising
virgo mars
scorpio mercury
scorpio venus

sent you a super greeting
Friends and guestbooks → (x) are you bored?
(1) finnish
(2) 22
() blonde
() eyes are mixed color, blue/green and yellow in the middle
() 165 cm
() sagittarius
() 4 ear piercings
() 1 tattoo
() ears are different pairs??

I like
(3) sushi
() burgers
(4) coca cola
() coffee
(5) chocolate
() chips with ranch dip
() cats
(6) dogs
() snakes
() board games
() badminton
(7) going for a walk
() going to bar/club with friends
() dancing
() singing (alone)
() candles, especially in winter
(8) christmas

I'm interested in
() biology
() chemistry
() psychology
() astrology (for fun)
(9) self development

() introvert
() INFJ spesifically
(10) prefer few close friends over many not-so-close
(11) easier to get to know someone alone than in a group
() not good at small talk
() ^have learned to master that though
(12) like to go deep with conversations, much more interesting
(13) listener
() always want to help people
() honest
(14) can't stand people who don't give space to others (for example in conversations)
() social anxiety
(15) still like to socialize when I got energy for it
() comfy with silence, you don't always have to talk
() gonna work in healthcare in future
() allergic to all kinds of animals :(
() always wanted a cat though
(16) in a relationship
(17) living alone officially
(18) systematic, everything needs to be in their own place
(19) love summer, but I like all of the seasons

Series I liked
(20) game of thrones
() breaking bad
() twin peaks
(21) the office
() parks and recreation
() power
(22) friends
() euphoria
() handmaid's tale
() money heist
() 13 reasons why
() you
() squid game

Competitions and games → Supergreet only
Competitions and games → Supergreet only
Competitions and games → Supergreet only
Everything else → Is your hair healthy?
I think they are but I feel like for the past few months I've been losing so much more hair than before?? I don't get it and I'd like to fix it if that's even possible.
Friends and guestbooks → Are you like me? (x)
[] 21 years old
[] Born in february
[x] Finnish
[] Student
[x] At the university of applied sciences
[] Brunette
[] Brown eyes
[] 164 cm
[x] 7 ear piercings
[x] 3 tattoos

[x] Have a mom
[x] And dad
[] But dont really have close relationship with dad
[] The parents are not together
[] Have a big brother
[x] Have boyfriend

[x] Moved on my own 19 years old....
[] ...with friend
[] Lived together two months/short time...
[] ...because its bad idea
[x] Move alone
[] ... and it was nice
[] Now live with boyfriend
[x] In an apartment building
[x] Have lived in two different cities during the life

[x] Had a few different hobbies during my life
[] Judo
[] Cheerleading
[] Volleyball
[x] Now gym
[x] When I go, I go actively
[x] Sometimes I have long breaks...

[] Many friends
[x] Like to do something with friends...
[] ...but sometimes too lazy to go out
[] Likes to play PC
[] ...with friends
[] ... It is usually boring alone

Countries visited
[x] Finland
[x] Sweden
[x] Estonia
[x] Austria
[x] Germany
[] Cuba
[] India

[] All time favorite is Policedog Rex
[] White collar
[x] Modern Family
[x] Brooklyn 99

[x] Studied English in school
[x] Studied Swedish in school
[x] Studied Germany in school
[] Bad at languages
[] Completed a dual qualification
[x] Doesn't read properly for exams
[x] But ok at school
Competitions and games → Have we traveled the same [x]
[x] finland
[x] sweden
[x] norway
[x] denmark
[] russia
[x] estonia
[x] latvia
[x] czechia
[x] hungary
[x] england
[x] spain (canary islands)
[] cyprus
Buy, sell and trade → supergreetings for all
Competitions and games → Supergreet the person above u