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Help, tips and tutorials → Change username? @mods
I had the same issue, nothing happened and they did end up replying. My name was changed and that was it.
Hope they will get back to you in time!
Everything else → almooooooooooooost halfway to
Everything else → I'm leaving (deleting)
Take care
From goSupermodel team → Rori's corner
Rori wrote:

Hello my lovelies or should I say Night crew, 


Since we are online let's talk about everything and anything. Anything keeping you up or you are just in different time zone than EU as I am? Or you are a night owl and prefer being online at this time? But not just that. We can chat about what you are up to these days and if you have some fun weekends plans coming. I am going to a Katy Perry concenrt in Vegas this week. Any Katy Perry fans? I have a surprise for all the Night owls. 





I am in a different time zone as well! I live in New Zealand, we are 10 hours ahead of CET.
Hope you’ll enjoy the Katy Perry concert, I like some of her music.
Everything else → I have MDO for 3 hours
Oh no
Everything else → Morning poops!
I am actually an evening pooper
Everything else → goCode wasn't all!
Everything else → Im going to italy
Everything else → Why you are still awake?
Sunday afternoon
Everything else → do you drink alcohol
Not often, maybe once a month.
Everything else → If you got proposed to now
I don’t want to get married, but I think I would still say yes, lol.
Everything else → plans for today?
I will travel to Frankfurt, stay in a hotel for one night and then fly back to NZ tomorrow.
Style, fashion and beauty → SHOW OFF your new look
LIZness wrote:
i have no gm or diamonds so i cant
Friends and guestbooks → Tag your goldflower here
Don’t have one
Friends and guestbooks → pspsps german people
Karo wrote:
Yes, the weather is constantly changing at the moment! You get a headache so quickly!
Oh really? Fingers crossed I won’t get any headaches then, haha.
Competitions and games → what Vibes does the model abov
Party girl going to have some issues driving that cute car with those massive shoes, haha.
Friends and guestbooks → pspsps german people
Karo wrote:
I will start tomorrow! Ah, I didn't know you were currently in DE! How was your stay?
I will remind you.
It was good to catch up with friends and family, but it’s too cold. :s
Friends and guestbooks → pspsps german people
Karo wrote:
I'm fine and you? I wrote an essay last week and I have to write another one this week. Uni is exhausting.
Better get started!!!!!
I am good too, can’t wait to get back to NZ though, haha. It’s weird to be back in Germany, I feel like I am not fully german anymore.
Friends and guestbooks → pspsps german people
Karo wrote:
hi hi
How are you?
Friends and guestbooks → pspsps german people