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Everything else → what are you stressed about rn
Same my masters application and I want it so badly but I’m scared I’m not gonna get in
Everything else → 3 pm appointments are so
I always choose those bc I wake up late af
Everything else → are mice just rat babies????
Style, fashion and beauty → which of the 3 models above
Style, fashion and beauty → which of the 3 models above
Hard... but prob Tyskie
Buy, sell and trade → (s) vip days
Can I buy 6 for 30sg
Buy, sell and trade → Can we bring back Shop Vintage
Yes and wardrobe it was sm cuter
Everything else → HACKER ATTACK in Denmark!
That's scary
Everything else → Let troy out
Why does he keep getting banned and unbanned and then banned again
Everything else → europe = usa
No... there is way more of a difference between european countries than there are states in the same country with the same culture
Everything else → teacher crush
No cause it's weird
Relationships and love → Is it weird to date somebody
Nah it's not weird
Everything else → ao3
Fr ao3 is my favourite website of all time
Everything else → What do you earn per month
0, unemployed
Everything else → is it toxic to hold grudges
Club forum: Public → 5/9 BHM Marsha P Johnson
Friends and guestbooks → Pspspspsps danes
Elmyrida wrote:
Love getting rød grød med fløde friends
Haha same let's all be frikadeller venner
Friends and guestbooks → Pspspspsps danes
Lets be friends
Everything else → Do you have a moustache
A little
Everything else → whats your anti flex
That I've never had a bf