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Entertainment → Who is your spotify wrapped
Competitions and games → sims 4 expansion packs??
get together!!! windenburg is beautiful, has amazing lots, (nordic) european vibe & the ability to create friend/hobby/work groups gives lots of gameplay. also you can go clubbing
Everything else → do u ever forget how old u are
I started struggling after 22
Everything else → Do you go on gSm in public?
Yes, but I always turn the screen brightness as low as possible
Club forum: Public → It's out now!
Finally it's out!!
Style, fashion and beauty → How often do you change
Usually once every collection!
Everything else → Unpopular opinion
Lijn wrote:
you should try popcorn in werther's original style
Omg the pretzel one though
Everything else → What's your weirdest fear?
He take flights
He eat your tights
But most importantly,
He love lights
Your ideas → NEW GAME: Concept Fashionshow!
That's such a great idea!!! Pitching this to the FG (of course citing you as source)

From goSupermodel team → ESC Watch Party Chat
I wish I could join but I don't have wifi atm have fun everybody <33
Buy, sell and trade → LF 15 VIP days
Send me a trade I'll give them to you :P

Buy, sell and trade → 132 SG who needs it
I would give you all the gomoney in this world for 1 sg.

Everything else → YOUR weirdes food combo
estupendo wrote:
wait that sounds so good?
do u to with plain cream cheese or with flavor?
I cut the bananas into slices and spread the cream cheese on them, and yes it's so good damn
And I just go with plain!
Everything else → YOUR weirdes food combo
Bananas with cream cheese. ! !
Everything else → how did u meet ur bestfriend?
slack wrote:
old gsm

Everything else → tumblr in 2023
PennyLane wrote:
It just doesn't hit the same with a grown up brain. I miss my fandom days and being able to have the "feels" about stupid tv shows.

Btw I randomly saw a pic of Benedict Cumberbatch a few days ago and was like "wtf". Why did I think he was the hottest man alive lmao
you worded it PERFECTLY
it used to feel like such a high to find good gifs from your favorite movie scenes or actors
Competitions and games → What a weird goMail!??
Everything else → APPRECIATION post for FG & JDs
Thank you a lot and congratulations to everyone!! <3 To think about how I/we all joined this website as a kid years ago, wow
Currently most excited to get to know the other teammates and get started with the whole process, but I know it will take a little more patience. Already got my notebook ready to work on ideas though
Everything else → a wasp in my apartment
I have the same thing happening regularly because my landlord does not care about the huge nest next to my window. <3
Best thing is to leave your window wide open and leave the room/appartment for an hour or two. It will make its way out eventually, if it is still there
Buy, sell and trade → Selling vip days for SG
I have 148 SGs, is that fine??:p