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Winter Corner → Do you wear socks at home?
Anna Natalie wrote:
only fluffy socks
Club forum: Public → Advent of Code - day 5
i'll try to catch up tomorrow!

What language do you guys use??
Everything else → what music is good for
Professor Layton soundtrack
Club forum: Public → Advent of Code - day 4
i didn't find time yesterday and I'm outside all day today hope i can find time tomorrow haha
Everything else → do u secretly judge gsm users
Everything else → I miss the early 2000´s
I started using my ps2 again
Everything else → (TW: racism) the amount of girls
Olives and Lemons wrote:
I don't quite understand why some people were so upset about this, but it could just be me. If you're fully aware that your partner makes or uses racist remarks, it reflects something about your priorities and no that doesn’t mean you’re guilty of what they’ve said but you should do something about your priorities too. Perhaps those who haven't experienced racism firsthand don't truly grasp how hurtful it can be, making it easier for them to dismiss it? Idek
well said!
Club forum: Public → gSm improvements (extension)
the update is so cool
Everything else → so exciting
I love gsm man I still get so excited when there's new clothes and new events and things happen and m fav people post something and yeah
Style, fashion and beauty → MissAuris what are you wearing
CUTE exciting!!
Everything else → hi
Troy bolton wrote:
thanks but ur amazing
Everything else → hi
i love your new look Troy, you're amazing
Everything else → Overconsumption
I'm trying to be more aware of that. And honestly it's feels so much better. I have money left, my apartment is not filled with stuff that I don't use... it's hard to get over the fomo especially when you're into fashion and beauty.

But now when I buy something it feels much better and I can spend more money on it. With clothes, I try to shop long lasting, timeless pieces now. And try to be more aware of micro trends
Everything else → i hate purple!!!
yk with the browser extension by Naddi you can change your post colour??
Everything else → did you know that
GhostAngel wrote:
can i follow you for more tips
of course
Everything else → did you know that
SunniWave wrote:
my girl math isn't mathing rn
i returned something and found out that the money i received wasn't actually free money?
Everything else → did you know that
peachy princess wrote:
wtf no way????? this literally can't be true??
it's true!
Everything else → did you know that
Naddi wrote:
my bank account!!!
Everything else → did you know that
you have money left when you don't actually buy stuff??

i have a theory that it might be even more money left when you don't go to cafes just bc they look cute... stay tuned
Club forum: Public → Advent of Code - day 2
Naddi wrote:
Good to hear hahahah! Did you do it in Java again today?
yea! I'm getting better at it again