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Style, fashion and beauty → How long will this collection
If it was only for today it would say "Last chance", so it will at least stay for today and tomorrow <3
Buy, sell and trade → bonus outfit in store
feel ya.. I forgot to buy 1 item - I thought I got it, but it was on the another account.. Soo ye :')
Everything else → how long do you think
Chrysalism wrote:
the sketzmo hack will be allowed
Probably just today or so?
Everything else → Ø
lmao feel ya
Everything else → 17th may!!!
Buy, sell and trade → gopack hair
Damn, I really want it ://
but 15 euros are a lot for me right now

But I see many other people who also are in the same situation :/< 3

how nice of you to buy someone this pack<3