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Competitions and games → Sketzmo players!
added you
Buy, sell and trade → ⚠️⛔DIA=25gm/vip=35gm!!!⛔⚠️
.Sofie. wrote:
Sure send a trade
thanks for the trade! c:
Buy, sell and trade → ⚠️⛔DIA=25gm/vip=35gm!!!⛔⚠️
i'd like to buy 100 vip days if possible <3
Buy, sell and trade → 539 dia!!
Odaming wrote:
hii, how much money do you have?
800 rn, so I can send a trade when I have some more!
Buy, sell and trade → 539 dia!!
i'd buy some but i don't have a lot of gm right now, good luck <3
Buy, sell and trade → Last chance
thank youuu <3
Everything else → A Sincere thanks (and goodbye)

Style, fashion and beauty → Let my make you a clown look!

Buy, sell and trade → [S] extra cheap dias
sent you a trade!
Friends and guestbooks → It's premkurl's birthday!
happy birthday! <3

Style, fashion and beauty → pink outfits???
Everything else → send me a sketzmo RN!!!!!!!!!!
sent you one!!

Everything else → Swedesssssss
Ayana wrote:
dont bee i was tooo!!!! but from my experience gsm girlies be the best friendships fr irl fr!!
i can imagine, i just haven't approached people yet :') <3
Everything else → Swedesssssss
gbg but i'm shy
Everything else → SWEDES
hello <3
Buy, sell and trade → [s] full gopack
6,5 k for the hair? (Nevermind, someone else sent me a trade, good luck though!)
Buy, sell and trade → Last chance items help
Sent you a gift, no need to give anything back
Buy, sell and trade → Everything for sale
good luck!
Everything else → who remembers
i think you mean flockdraw, i found the name on some old screenshots!

it seems like it shut down though, the closest thing i could find was a site called flockmod
Friends and guestbooks → Would we be good friends?
100% <3