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Everything else → PSA for norwegians
thank u<3
Everything else → PUK CODE
u can also call the business ur sim is from and ask for ur puk code
Style, fashion and beauty → is this aloud?
Everything else → i’m sitting in complete
the song in my motto
Everything else → i killed that mosquito
Everything else → everyone has nipples
where did u guys get those, i want
Entertainment → This girl is so f****** ugly
Everything else → since youre all so ugly
yes pls
Everything else → NORWEGIAN peoplE!!!!!!!!
Everything else → is this a joke????
sometimes i think its programmed to do that on purpose, wasnt like that in the beginning!!
Everything else → what level is your alt
Style, fashion and beauty → sometimes i log in
Everything else → hello?...
Lmao its troy bolton
Style, fashion and beauty → Style youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
yes ty
Everything else → y r u here
y r u
Everything else → The vibe tonight is not it
dont let the bedbugs bite u
Club forum: Public → Delete the model
cute, different shoes?
Club forum: Public → Delete the model
the makeup
Club forum: Public → Delete the model
Club forum: Public → Delete the model