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Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
estupendo wrote:
we ladies, we pour in a glass
Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
!Emma! wrote:
yes, make it a double
i already did but thanks i just took a big sip from the bottle i dont know how much but i guess it was more than one
Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
aamalie wrote:
like alcohol? or am i dumb
yes like alcohol !!!!!hahaha just did it cRazY
Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
aamalie wrote:
Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
boyprincess wrote:
you know the answer urself
Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
Everything else → gsm should i have a shot
Everything else → i have decided
im going alone to a gig in a week also!!!
Everything else → i love matty healy
Truman Black wrote:
Consultation, degradation
Fossil fueling, masturbation
Immigration, liberal kitsch
Kneeling on a pitch

"I moved on her like a bïtch", excited to be indicted
(A quote from a recording of Donald Trump, the president of the United States,
Matty said in the genious interview, "No, if we’re going to get censored, we’re going to get censored for verbatim quoting the leader of the free world. That is the song in its essence. How weird is reality?»
He is criticizing the fact that one of the most powerful men in the world (at the time) can say those words and get away with it, but it gets censored when people quote him, like in this song that could not be played on radio etc)

Unrequited house with seven pools,
(Talking about Donald Trumps Seven Springs mansion, mocking empty materialism, Trumps finances and his multiple bankruptcies.)

"Thank you, Kanye, very cool» (Criticizing powerful men, in this case Donald Trump is accepting and praising literal näzis)

The war has been incited, and guess what? You're all invited
And you're famous, modernity has failed us
Everything else → i love matty healy
Snufkin wrote:
the guy who did the nazi salute on stage days before holocaust remembrance day, while saying thank you kanye? That matty healy?
it was literally a 2 second hand movement and anyone with more than three brain cells can see that it was not intentional or purposefully a "nazi salute" like wtf ... . this is what im talking abt with wild accusations against that poor man trying to just make an impact on this world

okay sorry i take that back it was purposeful but still obviously satire....
Everything else → i love matty healy
Truman Black wrote:
PLEASEEEEEEEE he's more outspoken about lgbtqa+ issues than Harry is............. I'm a HUGE Harry fan but let's be real
YES he is
Everything else → i love matty healy
also that man is the only reason im not abt to kill myself for my weight gain lol. he's an amazing advocate for womens rights and an amazing example of a feminist and he's being called misogynistic and receiving so much hate for basically saying the exact same things as harry styles lmao get a grip
Everything else → i love matty healy
Truman Black wrote:
What's lazy and v lame is not doing the bare minimum research and reposting edited things on the internet with zero context, there's been so many cases of him defending an actual good thing or saying something actually nice, and then people edit it out of context to make him look like an awful person.

I'm not defending everything he has done, I'm very aware that he has made comments he shouldn't have made. What I'm saying is, people don't give a fuck about what Matty Healy says because the only reason why they're acting as if Azealia Banks is mother Theresa for calling him out and mocking his drug addiction, and the only reason why people keep talking and sharing and posting things about him is because they want to look good themselves and go "Oh look at him being bad, I could NEVER do that".

Like when people started calling him homophobic for talking about how a lot of people in the lgbtqa community has a problem with Harry Styles, when the whole conversation was about Pink being accused of queerbaiting because people assumed by looking at her hairstyle that she was a lesbian, and he said Harry Styles often get credit for things thousands of queer people did before him, and that people should stop saying real people are queerbaiting. Matty won the ally of the year thingy for a reason, he has been very outspoken and open about his support for the community, but people will edit shit just to create drama and outrage for likes and views. Or when he was accused of making Holocaust jokes and then the person making the jokes was the podcast host who is a Jewish man who often jokes about his religion and background, it's like...... be serious-
also dont forget the time he was canceled for being racist for supporting blm and speaking up abt injustice and linking their new single in a tweet (which i 100% understand is wrong bc it can be seen as he is profiting off of black people suffering police brutality) even though the song is abt that and is completely relevant to the topic like i 100% understand that tweet is NOT IT but like common theres a huge line between saying the wrong thing not on purpose and being racist
Everything else → i love matty healy
Vindicta wrote:
bold to admit you love an openly racist and misogynistic person
thanks i really do believe the internet does owe him an apology tho

like i dont have a problem admitting his faults but he honestly has not done anything regarding these topics that is as problematic as people make it out to be but prove me wrong tho ive not done extensive research but as far as my knowledge goes he is very misunderstood in most situations that have gotten him canceled

but as i said feel free to prove me wrong i just honestly believe he is not a bad person at heart and even though he might have contributed to shitty stuff by staying stuff he would have been better off with not saying i dont believe that makes him a bad person and its completely obvious he is struggling a lot
Everything else → drunk
im drunk too
Everything else → i love matty healy
betonienkeli wrote:
ok ill be honest ive been confusing that guy with yungblud this whole time
OMFG ..... i-
Everything else → i love matty healy
-CRACKED wrote:
u can have him
thanks ... im not sure tho

LMAO he's ugly af but i love his soul
Everything else → i love matty healy
Everything else → good night
dont go
Everything else → Sending ***
Caramel Latte wrote:
smart gorl
momma raised me good