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Everything else → If you could leave
I'd live in Japan for a couple of years probably. Mby UK, Italy....
I'd just move around to different countries until I ended up wanting to go back to Norway
Entertainment → I will give yo a complete Look
Everything else → rejecting or ignoring fr
It's honest to decline and rude to ignore
Everything else → there is this one person annoy
I'm so curious
Everything else → just got into a fight with my
Spill the tea
Everything else → people with a lot of items
I'm sick of making new looks.. I just use the ones I've saved so I don't have to scroll through everything
Everything else → gsm idea to reduce drama
Yes, this will help
Everything else → which game is most
Everything else → imagine the ex of your partner
I wouldn't like to talk to my bf's exes, but that's cuz they're on the bad-person-spectrum
If I saw one of them here, I'd just block 'em or ignore 'em
Everything else → petition to change gosupermode
Everything else → Lying for fun
It's def a red flag if people lie for fun
Some lies are needed, and some are not.
If you lie without there being an actual purpose, like protection as some mention, it's just plain wrong
If I catch you in an, as I call it, unnecessary lie, I will judge you
Everything else → crochet a gsm name blanket
Adorable idea, love it and I'd love to be a part of it
Everything else → Expose your voice/accent
Theory wrote:
Not you turning Swedish at the end
Shit I was trying for the stereotypical Norwegian accent
Everything else → Expose your voice/accent

Fun initiative
Everyone has such nice voices
Everything else → i got my dna results!
What company did u use for the dna-search?
Everything else → Shampoo for hair
Maria Nila
Everything else → Exposing Myself
Theory wrote:
What's that?
You put together your date of birth

If your born 03.08.1993
You do = 3+8+1+9+9+3
And then you get life path number 33
33 is a masternumber so you don't put 3+3 together.

If you were born 15.06.2003
You do = 1+5+6+2+3
Which is 17
Then you do 1+7
which makes your life path number 8

Just search for the life path number your date of birth gets and it'll tell you something about you
Everything else → Exposing Myself
Theory wrote:
I used Cafe Astrology! It's free.
Awesome! thanks
I think this stuff is interesting. Was just looking up the meaning of lifepath-numbers like yesterday