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Everything else → wake up !!!!
*cows dancing*
Everything else → german chocolate is
Fazer sininen is banger
Everything else → should i open
lapsivesipuisto wrote:
my entire kinder advent calendar at once
no . jail
Winter Corner → Advent calendar shows?
softblues wrote:
Not currently, but as a child I used to watch Tonttu Toljanteri, a finnish children's show How about you?
legend rip
Everything else → SNIFF i am so broke and i was
Everything else → did you know a dead salmon
Entertainment → so, whos the hottest winx
the brown hair dude
Entertainment → justin bieber
i'm not a listener but runaway love is such a..... banger XDDDDDDDDD
Everything else → Face Reveal!
Everything else → what do you do first thing
pee, then make up and eat and running late for school/work
Style, fashion and beauty → show me ur december look
Welene wrote:
Waiting for the real christmas shop update
Style, fashion and beauty → show me ur december look
Entertainment → Pekka ja Pätkä movie
tjenb wrote:
I used to watch old finnish movies after school with my grandma but never liked pekka ja pätkä though

more like ansa ikonen and tauno palo kid
Omg slay this is nostalgic!! Pekka ja pätkä is good but i get u it’s not for everyone. Tauno Palo was so handsome and Ikonen so beautiful
Entertainment → Pekka ja Pätkä movie
Begins in 10mins XDDDDD gonna watch it. I used to watch these as a kid with my grandparents???
Everything else → Finns do you use the
tjenb wrote:
kinda get it but never heard of it :D are you from northern finland since that was my guess too like the one above ^
In lapland we say kylymä!!!!
Everything else → glögi
Glögi is life
Entertainment → Buuklubben games
Vaakunakamu wrote:
In Swedish or in Finnish?
Swediiish! Buuklubben is for finswe kids. I played the games even tho finnish is my native language!
Entertainment → Buuklubben games
Entertainment → Buuklubben games
Did anyone else play buuklubben games??? Christmas calendars where the best
Everything else → OMG fireplace HACK/trick