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Style, fashion and beauty → which outfit of the 3 above
Style, fashion and beauty → ✰ Rate the LOOK above ✰
Everything else → my new lewk
Timothee Chalamet wrote:
Everything else → my new lewk
Lain wrote:
thats so hot can u do it to me
gimme a time and place and i'll slay u in any way u want
Everything else → HI everyone I'M BACK
wopsie wrote:
omg love your outfit
thank you
Everything else → HI everyone I'M BACK
How are ya
Everything else → my new lewk
Lain wrote:
u look like u slayed (like literally looks like blood like u killed someone)
i might have
Everything else → my new lewk
i love it
Creativity → Svend-Allan draws your model
Svend-Allan wrote:
(Write here or DM me to get waitlisted)

Hello lovelies

Do you want your gorgeous model made into a cute sketch that you can use for your profile? Maybe to show off in threads? Gift your mother? Yes to whatever you like!

Sketched, limited colours:

Less sketched, full colour --- >

Sketched, limited colours: 1500 gM
Less Sketched, full colours: 3000 gM

List of buyers and the order I'll draw in:
- (paid)memsimems - Full colour (DONE)
- (paid) Puma - Limitied colour (DONE)
- (paid) Rebound- Full colour (DONE)
- (Paid) Khatten - Limited colour (DONE)
- (Paid) Tuuliatars - 2x Full colour (DONE)
- (Paid) hagfashdrjgkjadwjhsd - Limited colours (WORKING)
- (Paid) Aleksa - Full colour
- (Paid) noticha - Full colour
- (Paid) Sincere - Full colour
ughhhh I love your fit!!!
Entertainment → I am
lemme know if it's any good! Was curious to read it too
Everything else → drama is boiling
DaVinci wrote:
stir it
grabbing my snack
Everything else → places you didn't like?
only been a short time in Athens but it felt dirty and not well maintained
Also kinda hate Antwerp cuz of the traffic it's horrible
Everything else → hey everyone
lockin polkadottin
Everything else → drama is boiling
Everything else → who it thinking about quiting
it takes too much of my time and it feels like a task to grind
Everything else → drama is boiling
i just feel it
i can see it when I look at the most popular topics
people are getting edgy
Relationships and love → relationships
it just poof
Everything else → im GETTING DELETED
quick send me a trade i'll save u
Everything else → dutchies where can i get
Everything else → the ed sheeran kitten meme
Synonym wrote:
Curious now
ok but don't blame me afterwards