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Everything else → haha
oh no
Everything else → Plans today?
exam and then christmas shopping!
Everything else → Good morning
good morning! i slept okay, but i woke up super early... i have an exam today (yes yes an exam on a saturday - i do online classes lol) and i'm so nervous!
Everything else → mmm i love retail work
i feel for you...

black friday and christmas season in general is the worst when you work retail. i hated it so much...
Everything else → 13 year old boy rates your loo
Everything else → expose yourself
all of you
Everything else → your biggest dream
I just wanna chill
Everything else → do I look hot
very hot
Everything else → what did you
I'm taking my bachelors in two parts, if that makes sense lol.
I took a professional academic education in financial economics, which corresponds to the first half of a bachelors. I finished that this summer, and I wrote about valuation of investment properties at fair value
Style, fashion and beauty → Rate the model above
9, so pretty and well put together!
Everything else → tarot or pendulum
Pomegranates wrote:
which oracle cards do you have?
the moonology oracle cards by yasmin boland

I only have those but I really like them and use them a lot
Everything else → tarot or pendulum
i have never tried pendulums. I prefer oracle cards atm
Everything else → What did you learn in life?
what other people think about you, has nothing to do with you
their thoughts can never hurt or affect you. they are what they are: thoughts
Everything else → worst day ever
i have nothing fun to say, but here is a picture of my cat
Everything else → truthing you but
Everything else → Name a better duo
me and my turtle
Everything else → What did you learn in life?
be selfish

if you won't prioritize yourself first, no one will. everybody has their own interests in mind, so always have your best interest in your mind.

also, never say anything you don't want to hear again or that you can stand by
Everything else → How old are you now vs start
idk back when it was the old models lol. I'm 28 now
Everything else → sometimes I open my tinder w
Tommitid wrote:
It's just so much work to get to know people on there ahha
it really is. and if I finally do get to write with people, I ghost them the second they ask to meet up
Everything else → sometimes I open my tinder w
Tommitid wrote:
Ii never answer or message anyone, its just like a mobile swipe game for me at this point..
well yeah, same...