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Friends and guestbooks → Friendship breakups
Friends and guestbooks → Friendship breakups
Friends and guestbooks → Friendship breakups
Have you had them? Why and how did it go?
Everything else → Vogue gifts Vogue Collection
Vogue wrote:
Put the items you want on your wishlist and drop a comment

Ran out of goMoney. I'm sorry I couldn't gift everyone something. Spent 75K.

Thank you for all the lovely words!
I love the looming characters in the background so much
Competitions and games → Guess music taste above
death metal, k-pop and taylor swift
Competitions and games → Guess music taste above
Flow festival music
Competitions and games → Who is the main character? #2
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) your WISHLIST
Hannemia wrote:
Buy, sell and trade → (LF) your WISHLIST
Comment and I'll check if I have something you want!
Buy, sell and trade → I have no idea
Which of the items I have in my wardrobe are valuable. If anyone is interested, I have first collection stuff etc so if you want to check, feel free and biD!
Everything else → truthing yALL
Style, fashion and beauty → ⋆ ☾⋆⁺ Rate the look above
Everything else → GIVING AWAY 85K goMoney
DaVinci wrote:
edit: I'll log of for now and going to take a look at this forum at 7pm. the winners WILL be choosen and gifted

I decided to quit and sold most of my items. there is still some cute stuff left - so if you want take a look at my wardrobe and send me fair trades

8 people are able to win 10k gm
and 1 person will be gifted with what is left - which currently is about 5k gm


how to take part?
the give away will end, when 15 pages are FULL
please only comment ONCE
the FIRST person on page 16, will win the 5k+ gm

how am I choosing the winners?

I will not lie. I am not interested in giving away the goMoney to people I don't sympathize with. the 8 person winning the 10k each will be choosen by me. only the first person on page 16 is random
Ooh, so nice; I remember when on GSM 1.0, I decided to quit and sold everything for so little, like, for example, the ponytail hair, which was very expensive back then. Also like the ice cream earrings and the flowing Twilight hair??

My first thought when gsm was coming back was like ooh dang I don't have the cool stuff anymore because I sold it but then I was happy because I heard you couldn't get your old model back :)) anyways, long story short, super nice gesture!
Everything else → book recs
rhys wrote:
what are books you’ve read in one sitting or just could not put down
oh i just realized your name is rhys so you probs read acotar already
Everything else → book recs
Arrakis wrote:
Wanting to read acotar but like

is there any smut
Oh yes. Depends on what you compare to, but, yes. Defo yes. Especially 2&5, like, alot
Everything else → book recs
A court of thorns and roses, throne of glass, crescent city series'.

Also, From blood and ash series

Plus, Tipping the velvet and fingersmith. These two I could have read on and on and on because sarah waters' writing style is just so good and incredibly interesting
Everything else → Vegans
Didn't see all the delish comments so adding another one: a chickpea curry with red curry paste, onions, garlic, pressed tomatoes, coconut milk and chickpeas. Goes well with red lentils as well. Add a bit of chili and cilantro and its soooo good
Everything else → Vegans
Or non-vegans, what's your fave vegan dish? I just made a nacho plate with taco spiced soy crunch and Aura's new spicy taco vegan cheese sauce + veggies of course. And I loved it. I've also been making a lot of Nepali, Japanese and Korean inspired dishes lately with my fave being a silken tofu miso soup and a spicy cilantro black bean sauce with rice
Everything else → travel people click here now!
Ceaa wrote:
i want to go on a little weekend getaway, and i want it to stay cheap and affordable.

What is your best advice for a cheap trip, or a budget friendly trip?
How do you search for your flights, do you have any amazing tips on how to find cheap flights?

Where would you go for a weekend getaway, and why?

Im mostly looking for places like Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Dublin... but i am very much open for any hidden gems if you have any! Lets not gatekeep
Do you have a last-minute flight website in your country? Finland has one and you can get a lot of last--minute stuff quite cheap
Creativity → rate my look (I'll rate yours)
yes, do it