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Competitions and games → Please style me
From goSupermodel team → Mini game: Treasure Hunt
Everything else → fuck me
Cinnao wrote:
I so deeply wish we could pause the timer or save it for later in the day. Not save it up forever but like "use it up before 00:00 or it goes away" and you could restart and repause at any time of the day
Relationships and love → I’m fucking
Style, fashion and beauty → Let me style you
Competitions and games → Rate outfit above youuuuu
All 10
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the outfit above
Competitions and games → Winn 1000gm and 50dm
Send one
Everything else → What 16personalities u are
From goSupermodel team → Mermaid Style Competition
Everything else → finally updated my profile
Its super nice!
Everything else → grinded 3k on sketzmo for the
Damn ur good
Relationships and love → I was never in love with my bf
Thats sad
Buy, sell and trade → Buying vip days / 800 gm
Buy, sell and trade → I give away 2000 gm.
Buy, sell and trade → (S) look (perks + old gopack)
Everything else → Question about the greetings
Buy, sell and trade → Dark brown THE HAIR(S)
Everything else → Let me style you!
Mee, I like layering and full makeup, anything!
Club forum: Public → Delete the model
Jacket maybe