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Everything else → Uh oh........
sweeeet home alabama
Everything else → NIGHT CREW roll CALL 15.09
the accumulation of those little despairs is what makes a person an adult
Everything else → how do i stop feeling sad
sunstonefire wrote:
this is on the same level as someone recommending talkign to chatgpt instead of going to a licensed professional
hey just offering solutions, never said it was good
Everything else → Why did everyone start loving
bieber babies????
Everything else → how do i stop feeling sad
Everything else → godly combination
that escalated quickly
Everything else → what to buy for birthday party
some good chips, it's completely fine to ask people to bring a snack each to share with the group (it's what my friends do).

and get together to watch some stupid stuff on netflix, like the floor is lava or a bad dating/reality show, it always gets people talking

get a stack of cards or something, i find card games do well. bonus points if you paint or write on the cards and make them a drinking game
Everything else → are u excited about
just waiting for a bomb, climate change or aliens to take us out at this point

no but fr, there will be jobs, and there will be passions out there waiting for you.
that fear is just your brain trying to trip you up
Everything else → How to become popular
A proven method I have witnessed:

1. pop up outta nowhere
2. be a menace
3. disappear
Everything else → i cannot deal with this
not even a storm?my town's about to flood, bro

absolutely sucks about your bf, but the train rails are literal rivers a lot of places, they can't get through
Everything else → whats your healthy girl breakf
applaud you people for the dedication
im still cracking a red bull
Everything else → let's talk exes
mine had me drive him to the airport and then ghosted me as soon as he got back to the states.. ft'd two months later, but hung up after 15 minutes bc "he had to go to the dentist"
Everything else → i hate cleaning my house
i'll clean my apartment in solidarity
Everything else → every comment is 1 min of work
Everything else → you have to do WORK, not gsm!
gotta start packing up my stuff to move at the end of the month
Everything else → mental healthcare rant <3
metrotatti wrote:
what kind of help you'd want? but idk depends on the doctor really
Everything else → I get a weird feeling
Holmes wrote:
I'm actually the ghost writer of Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (1751) and The Raven (1845)
g h o s t

that wouldnt surprise me at all if these are your general thinking patterns though ngl
Everything else → mental healthcare rant <3
nvm y'all, doc says im not sick
Everything else → I get a weird feeling
Holmes wrote:
Haha! And then I wonder what their days look like without logging in to gSm? What are they doing instead when they get bored at work and such???
i-.. lady? do you always get stuck in a 1800's poetic haze?
Friends and guestbooks → bikerfriends hello are you her
we talking sport bikes orrrrr

id ride w you if i was in your area <3