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i've been manic pixie dream girld too many times for it to be a coincidence at this point
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Everything else → do you wash your butt
yes and how many of these threads are we gonna have tho
Everything else → what series are you currently
Just started handmaids tale
Help, tips and tutorials → Creepy men
with no thought for self preservation and letting them know what a waste of space on this precious earth they are
(after they've been douchebags for enough that im tired of them, i dont scream at them immediately)
Everything else → do u sleep with a
i have 36 just in my bedroom, just sleep w one or two tho
Buy, sell and trade → put tons up for auction!
Buy, sell and trade → put tons up for auction!
Buy, sell and trade → put tons up for auction!
Buy, sell and trade → put tons up for auction!
cmonn i have so many greetings to give bro
Everything else → Apologize to me.
you sound like someone w sneako-logic
Buy, sell and trade → put tons up for auction!
title says it all <3 take a look

bumps get greetings
Competitions and games → EWW.. your vibe is off
popular city girl people expect to be mean but is actually THE NICEST girls' girl ever
Everything else → grown adults bullying
most bullies stay bullies, unfortunately
Everything else → some people say its weird
i want a restraining order
Relationships and love → why do i think my bf
editet: im gonna beat his @ss
Everything else → what do you study
philosophy rn, starting web design and development
Buy, sell and trade → Who sells these shoes
i have a pair, whats your offer?
Style, fashion and beauty → outfit above is giving
stitch's cousin, the guy who makes all those sandwiches
Everything else → im jealous of people who were
at a moment in time i had the most accurate twitter feed, finding the best accounts for it, and somehow knew the one direction boys' current locations almost at all times

wish i'd stuck to horses at that point tbh
Everything else → "Intrusive thoughts won"
impulsive thoughts = oh fun quirky haha, weirdo
intrusive thoughts = possible death or lifetime in prison

thats how i usually describe it to people close to me when they dont get it

edit: throwing your bathbomb like a grenade and splashing water everywhere or telling someone their dress makes them look awful is impulsive.
thinking about sticking your cat in the oven for no reason at all is intrusive.

this needs to be put into elementary grammar fr, terms cant be thrown about cluelessly like on tiktok
Everything else → finally i can report all
did rules change or smth?