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Everything else → Bachelor thesis girlss
When i wrote mine with another person it was 12k words and we had 2 months (tho no other classes) to write the bachelor.
Everything else → 594
Everything else → Let's lure all the sun lovers
Symmetry wrote:
aaah!! this top used to be so cool on the dutch server
i loove the top omg
Everything else → should i sell this cat?
ohh i want it
Everything else → When you were in school
Art and gym, the teachers were so chill
Everything else → Do you...
eternal bliss wrote:

or if i'm really stressed i might have a ciggie
Competitions and games → WIN: goPack outfit + 10000 gM

Sent you 2sg's

Everything else → Do you...
i only smoke when i'm drinking
Style, fashion and beauty → Styled by Hymn of Valor
Everything else → Whos ur gsm crush
I have like the biggest platonic crush on KjellFiskesprell
Creativity → Who has a good profile?
Everything else → How tall are you?
Style, fashion and beauty → Get styled by Hymn of Valor
omg yes please! fantasy-gothic would be nice
Everything else → What's your guilty pleasure?
Picking the skin around my nails
Everything else → TAROT CARD
please do
From goSupermodel team → Calling all the fashionistas..
Everything else → Green or red apples?
red if they are norwegian apples, but i prefer green ones
Style, fashion and beauty → Experiences with COSRX?
Love the brand! i have dry *** skin so i use the cosrx birch sap moisturizer, cosrx snail mucin essence and sometimes the blackhead power liquid on my pores (it also even out bumps on the forehead) it works really well for me but i had to drop the snail cream because it made my skin flakey..tho i think this is very individual
Competitions and games → Have you seen the model??
Entertainment → What u listening to rn
The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret