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Help, tips and tutorials → The cozy hoezy
.:Scene:. wrote:
bad mental health
+ Unread books I'm trying to finish. My e-reader comes next week <3
Friends and guestbooks → quote someone you want as a
Karvaliha wrote:
honestly it was just the first thing that came to mind :DD
I love that XD <3 Also the pics you have uploaded
Friends and guestbooks → quote someone you want as a
Karvaliha wrote:
love ur name
Thank you! <3 How did you come up with yours XD
Friends and guestbooks → quote someone you want as a
Winter Corner → Premium calender?
Explains why the auctions are full of that :D Thanks
Everything else → 3 million gm
Damn I'm only aiming for 100k
Everything else → daily gigantti hate topic
I've never had a bad experience with them, but I've heard negative comments from other people
Everything else → have a banana
This is my sign to eat!! I'm starving and I have two bananas and wasn't going to eat those but now I will.
Everything else → Fg/Jd/mod/admin/staff/iconic
Friends and guestbooks → Who deserves a gift?
You too

Competitions and games → giving away calendar dress!!
Everything else → When decor comes back
Me with ibs reading this
Everything else → cozy gamers
I have and cried so much playing it <3
Everything else → this is your daily reminder
This!! I always compare my teeth to older pics lol
Club forum: Public → Advent Calendar - Day 1
Winter Corner → Spending €24 without knowing
Kabukimono wrote:
it's right in style with the most capitalistic holiday. threw up in my mouth a little bit
Yes. This season is "all about giving" ... your money to different companies I guess
Competitions and games → Giving diamond gifts
Competitions and games → giving out 3 days of vip!!
Entertainment → Spotify wrapped! minutes
Competitions and games → BSR please
Why does the hair section have to take more time than half of the whole game??? BSR is my favorite but doing the hair part takes literally so much time compared to clothes + make up. I don't get it.

//I hope they do something about it before they launch the multiplayer, because if not two other players have to just wait 50% of the time lol