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Everything else → did you do your night routine
I just got home from work so that was the first thing I did
Everything else → is jeffree star transphobic???
Bro's always been problematic and he will never stop so I don't even see the point in defending this mf
Style, fashion and beauty → Norwegians and bunads
Never worn one in my entire life
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the model above you
Buy, sell and trade → is your model in it???
Everything else → What do profile visits do?
they wanna be populaaaar
Buy, sell and trade → is your model in it???
Everything else → Idiots
People should have learned something after corona
Everything else → im sorry but
Entertainment → everyone is hating on imagine
I just find the singer very hot
Everything else → Warnings should be public
! Banan wrote:
How is this capitalism
didn't mean that this was capitalism, but just stated that too
Everything else → Political Compass!

Everything else → Warnings should be public
It's so funny to watch literal politics be discussed in gsm but just gsm politics. We do bring capitalism and ideals with us everywhere
Everything else → You guys do realise you are
Wait I didn't understand that last sentence. You mean it's wrong to bully a racist or transphobe?
Everything else → omg.......
chili wrote:
YEAH and i barely knew what it meant and for sure didn't know it was a slur and just ran around (after the dog...........) yelling it and laughing omg

i mean it wasn't taken as seriously back then but it feels so absurd now...............
Yes but the adults must have known better by then, I get why children wouldn't understand it. It's honestly just so weird that someone would do that
Everything else → omg.......
THEY NAMED THE DOG THAT? wth is wrong with people honestly tho
Everything else → lets just keep the peace pls
whats going on now
Everything else → don't look
I saw ghost live in 2017 or something and I am still traumatized
Everything else → u are so negative
I'm a proud hater
Style, fashion and beauty → rate he look
7, too brown for me but it does look good, there is no denying that