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Everything else → sos dry lips
elisabeth 8 hr cream
Competitions and games → Who she is rich
62k and 520 dia
Everything else → Price for 1400 fame
i just saw someone offer 15gm per sg, so with those numbers that would be 420gm

if you're interested i can sell you some sgs
Everything else → I'm being stalked on gsm?
Wednesdayy wrote:
omg thanks, going to search for it now!
Everything else → I'm being stalked on gsm?
omg i love your dress.. which collection is it from?
Everything else → the snickers ice cream bar
especially with the peanutbutter
Style, fashion and beauty → Contour using fake tan?
i have been doing it very lightly for like 10 years. Just placing a little more selftan on the places where i would contour, so it still looks natural
Relationships and love → be mean abt ur ex
met him online, long distance relationship as he (38) lives in the USA and i (25) live in Europe. Fell deeply in love with this guy and he acted like he was head over heels too. Life got in the way and we split up after 8 months, right before he was supposed to come see me in person. Completely understood because we both were going through a rough time.

Reconnected 3 months ago, and he has been extremely flirty. Saying how much he regrets what happend, how i am his future wife and all that sht. And then i discovered yesterday he wasn't really that serious about the things he said and he was just "joking". He thought i understood that it was a "joke". To make it even worse; he told me he had never really been deeply in love with me, despite what he claimed back then, because he had never seen me in person.

I'm fcking heartbroken and my blood has been boiling since. I have met many fcked up people in my life, but never have i hated a person this much
Buy, sell and trade → Buying SG
i have 49 sg's if you're interested
Everything else → is this offensive
i don't think so
Buy, sell and trade → (S) 80 vip for sg
i can sell you 38 sg's
Everything else → smt misisng from the shop?
i was hoping we would get that beautiful tree
Style, fashion and beauty → Rate the outfit!!
Style, fashion and beauty → SHOW OFF your new look
From goSupermodel team → SMA Celebration – competition!
i just love how positive they are, and spread positive vibes about GSM online (which imo is so important especially with all the current negativity out there) Also really like how active of a role they have inside of gsm, and the iconhunts they have created
Buy, sell and trade → Selling diamonds (60 gm each)
Everything else → who is your favorite gsm
Everything else → send a friendrequest
Everything else → send a friendrequest
Everything else → send a friendrequest