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Everything else → face reveal
Everything else → how much gogold do u have rn
Everything else → i crocheted a mouse with
Dimitri wrote:
Omg how cute!!

And im a bit shocked because today I started crocheting a nativity scene with mice hahaha made josef and maria today, gonna make baby mouse jesus later
thats cursed, i love it
Everything else → dindin
billys pizza ;_;
Competitions and games → Cocktail Bingo / Shine
anyway congrats to the winners and thank you for hosting!
Competitions and games → Cocktail Bingo / Shine
bro i needed that bellini fucker for a long time.... AND NOW I WAS MESSAGING A SELLER IN TORI

reminder to myself to not do anything else at the same time with bingo :/
Competitions and games → Cocktail Bingo / Shine
bro ive been needing 1 for the last 6 calls now
Competitions and games → Cocktail Bingo / Shine
oh in
Competitions and games → >>>>bingo<<<<
either way, congrats to the winners and thanks for hosting
Competitions and games → >>>>bingo<<<<
bro you give us 4 calls in one... and i still dont have bingo XD
Competitions and games → >>>>bingo<<<<
michxzx wrote:
Omg did I miss mine or why does everyone have bingo except me lmao?
dont worry i dont have bingo either :)
Competitions and games → >>>>bingo<<<<
Famas wrote:
Sweden and styling?
i think styling has already been
Competitions and games → >>>>bingo<<<<
elainehp wrote:
okay there is 2 spots left, so if people wanna join while we play that´s fine

are u guys readyyy
hell yeah
Competitions and games → >>>>bingo<<<<
in, ill send you a trade for the fee
Friends and guestbooks → Get to know me
Name: ada
Nickname: i dont actually have one :D
Age: 21
Country: finland
Hobbies/interests: pc gaming (mostly genshin and league), i love board games and going to thrift stores :3 also i like d&d and other forms of roleplaying
Study/apprenticeship/etc.: i study hospitality management... kinda :D ive not been to school for almost a year now.. its been tough
Dream Job: bartender ? xd
fun fact about you: i have 17 piercings... and planning to get more
Music: i listen to finnish punk, hardcore, dark trap, some metal and sometimes that cringey finnish rap xd. these are some bands/artists i listen to; slipknot, korn, huora (<3), scarlxrd, bbno$, yung gravy, dr. peacock,
Fav curse word: perkele

and here, have a photo of me c:
Competitions and games → speed BINGO
Competitions and games → speed BINGO
Buy, sell and trade → I WANT 200k <3 (sale)
please check mine
Buy, sell and trade → [LF] YOUR wishlist
Everything else → Mental Health Check