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Everything else → Let's check how many sees this
Relationships and love → im thinking maybe to not break
Anklebaby wrote:
he wants to become a doctor and i wanna live a yolo life travelling and being spontaneous

but then again i just might be mentally ill and maybe i need stability like him????

but also if we want different things i dont wanna force it and waste our time
honeyy dont force it <3 if you wanna go and see the world and you know he won't be waiting for you it's not meant to be and it's okay
Everything else → im going to rank you
Everything else → You shower daily?
I can't stand the feeling of going to bed without showering :dd like all the bacteria and germs ewww
id rather have a dry skin than be stinky
Style, fashion and beauty → Best of the 3 above
Buy, sell and trade → Buy my items (bump = dia)
Entertainment → favourite 1D member?
Style, fashion and beauty → my little sis rates ur looks
Style, fashion and beauty → Would you wear the look above?
Competitions and games → BE FAST
I think im late but hey
Everything else → now everyone can tell
im not
Style, fashion and beauty → rate the one above you
Style, fashion and beauty → wanna get styled
Style, fashion and beauty → Style me win 1k
sent one
Everything else → Did you hear about the Swedish
lmAO what
Everything else → WAKE UP
Villanelle wrote:
like ... in general i rarely have those big cans becayse anxiety but monster is like a different league
it is!!! and they taste way too sweet for my liking
Style, fashion and beauty → Rate The Look above <3
10 lovelovelove it
Everything else → my bf rates ur outfit
Style, fashion and beauty → Quote/tag the look you like!

Everything else → do u want kids